Horde Chomaggus - Havoc DH and Frost Mage LFG


We are an adult couple looking for a new wow home. Our ideal home would be a friendly, casual guild that has a beginners raid slot for us both. Available every evening 20:00 - 23:00 server time although often later, plus lots of other hours we sneak in whenever possible.

We are looking to break into some organised raiding. We have been casual since Wrath and only pugging things occasionally. Having only just discovered guild preference for logs we do not have any yet but will get on that next run.

We are horde 422 havoc DH (62AP) and 422 Frosty Mage (62AP)
We have other lower geared alts too that we have tanked, healed and dpsed with.
Playing on Chromaggus linked to Shattered Halls / Balnazzar / Ahn’Qiraj / Trollbane / Talnivarr / Boulderfist / Daggerspine / Laughing Skull / Sunstrider

Feel free to add me in game: Eikka#2261
Thanks all for taking a look.