Horde dominating Alliance

Horde are mostly dominating Alliance. Keep coming up against over geared Horde teams with 50k+. Trying to win the weekly “4 BG win” quest is hard and long.

Is it just me that has experienced this as Alliance in BGs.


If you are playing random bg 5 out of 10 players, perhaps more can be mercenaries, which means Horde players queing as Alliance. So there is nothing like “Horde dominating Alliance” in random bgs because not everyone in your team is Alliance.

In order to avoid mercenaries or minimize their negative impact on your winrate you can play as 5 premades constantly, for that you can join battleground communities.

Or just go full RBG, avoid randoms.

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I just came to make a Thread about this and saw your…

I play with my 60 rogue almost 24/7 (only BGs) and the last 2 days I still cant get my daily rewards for Random BG and Epic Random BG wins as ally :open_mouth: WTF is going on here.


Well you dominate leveling bg’s, so it’s just fair.

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And there it is. Premades, the CANCER in random bgs. If you want to group up, go to RBGs.


If you really think horde will be better for your daily wins, you can actually queue as a mercenary for horde now too. The wait time will be longer, and you won’t get the honor benefit of enlistment, but if your after your daily CP/Anima then this is maybe an option for you.

I don’t think too many people know about the NPC, but you have to have warmode off, go to Boralus back where the old pvp building/chest was, if you come outside of that building and look a bit to the left, you will see what looks like an entrance down below to a basement which has an npc standing inside it. Speak to him and he will allow you to queue as horde.


And wait a hour or more to join in RBG?
No, ty. Join with some friends and stomp the major faction is funnier.

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In its vast majority,its because Blizzard allows the BG to run with very unequal team sizes to begin with (gear aside). This is partly understandable because you cant have the BG end when a few people drop out, afk or not, but it creates this weird dynamic.

For example, horde would panic if Alliance has only a few players less (as opposed to 5+) not because they count win with 25 ppl vs 22 alliance but because they would rather expect a no-hassle storm over 15-20 instead.Basically, if you seriously decide to queue as alliance you better have some movie to watch on the side while semi afk in (I normally use the time to knock my HS quests out) but if you seriously wanna enjoy random BGs, log over on your horde char but expect longer queues. The latter hasnt happened for me since legion though…pvp in an mmo is just weird.

And be prepared for the same issues. Alliance premade overstuff, rarely horde full team cause most Hordies fall into sleep cause longer queues. Pray all the gods to enter in the brawl’s week and pray more for a win.
in random bg’s i have a positif ratio but most near to 50/50. I rarely queue with friends. It’s the same :poop: on both side.

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this isn’t a horde v alliance problem, it’s a premade vs solo q problem.


a 4-man premade should be matched with another 4-man premade group.
Queue will suck, but that is the only way.

Let random bgs be casual.
In a bg you should be able to have fun even when gearing.


Dont think this is the solution. Obviously the system should attempt to match groups whenever possible, but making it a requirement would never work out. The core of the issue here is the massive power gap/character progression systems.

Why would it not work?

I feel like every second game is against premades so it shouldn’t be too long queues.

Also I feel like when playing with friends there is a higher power than super fast queues that comes into play.

Other games like Overwatch use this method.

I also believe that if this issue gets adressed more people would be playing BGs.

First of all the system cant distinguish between casuals simply playing with friends solely for the social aspect, and more hardcore players grouping up with others for the purpose of winning more (even though they can ofc also be friends).

This would result in more and more people queueing solo rather than with friends, and eventually the queues would get so long for the people sticking to 4-5 man groups that they’d end up queueing solo but synchronized, basically cheating the system.

The inevitable long-term consequence is that queueing as a group will die out, and everyone would play solo. Which I have no doubt would lead to a better experience for the majority of players, but blizzard have emphasized many times how they dont want to punish grouping up, but rather encourage it.

That being said I wouldnt mind seeing solo queue for rated bgs, if they could somehow address class balance in bg. I just dont think solo and group queueing can co-exist in the same system with those restrictions.

Fair, but how about introduce a higher reward for grouping up against another group? The longer queue would be more justified(and most likely shorter) and the solo queuers would have more balanced game.

Honestly, how many of those 5 man groups are actually there because of friendship.

It seems blizzard are introducing a similar system in TBC now, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

Tbh, it just seems like Horde players like to play with their fully geared mains and Alliance plays alts in random (epic) bgs.

Last 5 days my horde characters had lost all bgs. It is only matter of luck what kind of group you get…

If devs were not so stubborn and listened to players, we would not have this insane gear system. 1 honor gear and 1 conquest gear and no upgrades. Bgs would be more even. Or if they wanted so much of this gear system let those higher ilvls only work in pve.


My win rate for epic BGs as alliance is like 20%, this is insane.

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Played around 10 epic BG’s over the last 2 days, won 1

Grinded renown to 63 so I can upgrade all honor gear and upgrade conduits, got Korthia gear filling in gaps. But now; not winning, no conquest = no upgrades.

I played Epic BGS while leveling but these are my stats on a the character I am talking about:

Alterac Valley - 14 games - 3 win - 21%
Ashran - 13 games - 1 win - 7%
Battle for Wintergrasp - 25 games - 6 wins - 24%
Isle of Conquest - 6 games - 3 wins - 50% < rarely get this when picking random

On a character that has played more battles the percentages hover around 30% with Wintergrasp being the lowest at 18% and Ashran being the highest at 38%.