Horde Elf Rp - Highblood Myrmidons (Argent Dawn)

We are Highborne, our blades bound in service of our kind and our Home, and as long as we stand Quel’thalas shall never fall.

The Highblood Myrmidons’ doctrine is based around the idea that the Horde now stands as the logical continuation of the elven empires of old, having recruited the two high-blooded mage cities of Silvermoon and Suramar to their cause. The Horde provides the strength and backing that is needed to achieve the goal of Highborne dominance, being an excellent tool, as well as coming to both Suramar and Quel’Thalas in their ultimate times of need. Characterised by an undying, sometimes fanatic loyalty to their respective Kingdoms, every Myrmidon is a true executor of elven will.

While holding the belief that the elven people are the true inheritors of Azeroth the Highblood Myrmidons are still willing to work with the rest of the Horde, albeit at an arm’s length. The idea that the elves are the superior people on Azeroth gives the Highblood the view that they must take a paternal guiding role towards the Horde’s younger races to lead them along the right path. It is heavily pushed as part of the Myrmidons official rhetoric. They believe that the younger races, despite being much less civilised and experienced, have the potential to be great allies and friends … or at the very least weapons employed by the elven people to further their ends.

The chief enemy of the Highblood Myrmidons are those who bring shame to the legacy of the elves - namely the savage night elves, a breed of low-blooded primitives who forsook their power out of a base and animalistic fear and the void elves, traitors and madmen who humiliated Quel’thalas with their defection. Those who stand with them - namely the Alliance - are seen in a dim light.

The Highblood Myrmidons recruit pro-Horde Elves, be it Blood Elves or Nightborne.
Funded by the Sunfury Spire, in Silvermoon, the Myrmidons serve the now intertwined forces of Quel’thalas and Suramar and thus their representatives with a mlitaristic approach, while at the same time nurturing a group of specialists to side their operations, depending on what field of knowledge is required at the time.
Highborne (or “highblooded”) heritage will be a key theme, with the concept focused on the idea that Silvermoon and Suramar’s coming together under Lorthemar’s rule represents a renaissance for Azeroth’s elves, with the Horde standing in as a sort of byzantine empire of the elves (and their various orc/troll/etc allies). To this end, the group is recruiting any elf that is part of the Horde - from blood knights to nightborne mages to undead high elves to demon hunters (though some characters concepts will naturally be initially distrusted IC).

Having existed since years, by now, the guild can offer lore on major conflicts and operations happened through their jests, that in time can contribute to offer our recruits a sense of membership to the elven cause and a source of material for the character’s own growth.

Serving under this banner of black and gold you will be tasked with a various range of activities:

  • Precognitions in both enemy and allied ground.
  • The discovery and return of artifacts and magical sources that are considered misused by the reckless lesser races.
  • Investigating plots that can undermine the kingdoms’ stability.
  • Seeking and delivering punishments to those branded enemies by the kingdoms.
  • Infiltrating meetings and war operations for the sake of gathering intel, and renown.

Apart from these kind of events, and more, we also hold cross guild events and campaigns with the other guilds that make up the PCU. Whether it is clashing with the Alliance guilds or guiding the hands of our fellow Horde members, you can expect many cross-guild interactions.

The Myrmidons do not use uniforms but respect a colour-scheme of Black, Red and Gold.

The spine of the unit, when it comes to characters archetype, will mostly respect what I call the Burning Crusade’s triad of:

  • Farstrider: Hunters, Rogues.
  • Blood knight: Paladins.
  • Magister: Mages.

Any class that fits with the guild’s principles is accepted of course, but those archetypes are to be expected the most prominent ones.

If you’re interested, poke me, Xòtrios, ingame or pm me on discord Xotrios#4463.