Horde Empire is recruiting - Pyrewood Village EU - Melee DPS

(Updated 12 February 2020)
Hello Everyone!
My character name is Knowledge and I am the Guild Master of the guild “Horde Empire” in Pyrewood Village EU. Yes, this is a recruitment post but we hope that it will be one worthy of your time.

How awesome would it be to know beforehand all the important things there are to know about a guild and its people, before you decide to join it?

We will not tell you if we are a successful veteran guild. We will show you :slight_smile: This is what happened 15 years ago:
Twins video


We had a blast back then! We even ranked in the top-100 European guilds, but that’s not the amazing part. The most amazing part is seeing over 20 of the original members showing up in 2019, wanting to complete what we started: Kill Kel!

Hopefully now, you have an idea on whether we can be seen as a proven guild and what kind of spirit and mentality we have. Also we hope, this will help you with your decision :slight_smile:

Raiding MC/Onyxia with us
We will run MC/Onyxia this Sunday, the 19th of January, at 19:00. Invites start at 18:45. Instead of telling you theories, you can actually come and see for yourself. You can raid immediately with us. Molten Core and Onyxia will take about 1 hour and 27 minutes.

What we need
We are highly interested in players with:

  • Exceptional behavior (there are no words to express how important this is)
  • Skills
    Everything else is secondary (Gear, attunement, whatever). Log in, raid and HAVE FUN, with people who appreciate you. That is all that matters.
    We should also note that having a sense of humour is not mandatory but it is highly appreciated.

What we look for: players who will join us from BWL all the way to the completion of Naxxramas. WoW Classic will require at least a year of your time, so this is not a one-night stand. It will be a long and healthy relationship:)

We are looking for:

  • 1 Resto Shaman
  • 2 DPS Warriors
  • 2 Rogues
    *We are always open to receive exceptional players regardless of class.
    *Socials are always welcome.

What to expect
You can count on the following things:

  • A fair distribution of gold based on what we trade every week. Equally divided to all raiders. Since we raid and wipe together, it makes sense that we also share the profit together.
  • A very structured and organized guild.
  • Mature behavior, and players who are hungry to become better and better.
  • A fair loot system after you pass a trial. Roll and win, an item for every raider. No DKP, simply humane-decent behavior with absolute reason.

If you are not alone
If you want to join us along with your friends (or wife, or husband), go for it. No questions asked, we know the feeling :slight_smile:

How to contact us
Contact any Horde Empire officer in the game. You can also ask any member for our Discord server. We answer as soon as we can, you know the deal, RL, work, obligations etc :slight_smile:

If you plan to experience the game with a proven guild, get to know people and have an AMAZING time, we can be that guild. We would be thrilled to have you with us.

PS: If you are an old EU-Nordrassil player, the door is always open for you guys

Thank you very much for reading this

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Bump for all our friends AND future friends! :slight_smile:

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Oh my. I was in HE back in Nordrassil from MC up to Twin Emps, as a fugly druid named Wolfsoul! I remember Kalhas playing music in ventrilo preraid to get people pumped haha. Gutted about the faction, will take me forever to level from scratch. :frowning: any oldtimers still in there?

MANY old timers, and we do not play music anymore to get people pumped :slight_smile: Get here Wolfieeeeeee, you have time to start from scratch and enjoy the best year of your life :slight_smile:

I’m also back after 15 years to get back to all tha special jazz tht’s called Horde Empire. Bumpage!

Updated 24 January 2020:
Tanks are sorted! DPS is sorted, even though we always keep an eye for a warlock and a rogue
Healing: Still need 1 Holy/Disc Priest and 1 Resto Shaman
Be a part of this, there is still time :slight_smile:


Holy/Disc priest? Resto Shaman?
Join us :slight_smile:

Bumpity Bump for Resto Shaman and Holy Priest :slight_smile:

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Friendly bump :slight_smile:

Hello guys. Are you still seeking for a resto shaman? I’m currently playing at a pvp server (Mograine) but I’m thinking of migrating to a normal server for a change. On my resto shaman I have MC and OL on farm (full T1 set and 2/8 T2 set).

Yes, we are still looking for one :slight_smile: You are most welcome to join us, and feel free to contact us for any details you might need!

Thank you very much for your reply. Do you have a discord server that I can join and discuss regarding the guild and tell you about myself as well?

Of course :slight_smile:

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Bump for priest!