Horde lore discussion

(Aster) #62

Amazoner here.
Didn’t noticed, but got 3 days free in my account, that’s why I can log this account.


(Leíá) #63

Why did you get a 3 day ban?

As far as I can see, your comments are rational, up-for-discussion and debate and fair.


Thank you.

Let me clarify this is my home country vanilla account.
My level 120 character is in a UK account, which at the moment is deactivated, till today when i got this message:

“(…) An oft-whispered power has risen from the depths, and Azeroth needs you now more than ever. Rejoin the front lines now with three free days of game time* and see what new adventures await.”

That’s why I could post on Aster account.



Youre obviously mental, talking about HKS to someone that talks about lore. I dont do pvp, i do other things, you may find them in my account ^^

But all alliance mental forum warriors are like you, you should join them

Its a game, its an NPC and its called WARcraft.
I dont care about alliance and most of all i dont care about whatsoever triggered forum warriors like you say. Ill keep my opinion no matter how much it triggers you that i actually have a different opinion.

(Araphant) #66

Yar crossing a line here, friend. Really crossing it. Saying this with the best intention.


Its not my fault buddy you and another 3 are the exception of the exceptions in that rule :joy:

Obviously NOT counting YOU as we have talked alot before :rofl::rofl:

(Araphant) #68

I don’t really care about me, but Amazoner is probably one of the nicest, kindest people here.

I am sure this is something most people would agree with, and that choice of words is a bit drastic for a forum debate, don’t you think? I am telling you this exactly because we talked and joked before.

Don’t go there, friend.


Your opinion and honestly it has no value to me.

Says the guy who questions other players opinion and faction based on their level, as if that was a measure of faction loyalty.

Which faction I play it’s not for you to decide.
Thrall, Vol’Jin, Cairne and Baine are characters of the Horde, since Warcraft 3.

Actually, that was the name of the RTS.
This game is called World of Warcraft, it has RPG elements in it, which means you are not brawling the other faction 24/7 as in the RTS, narrative of Warcraft 1 and 2.

Seeing how well the faction wars expansions went, they are not as popular as you believe.

Remember Catacalysm ?
Most known as the expansion that initiated the downfall of WoW.

Thanks for that reply, I was just curious if you were open for debate, and the answer is no.
I will disregard any of your replies from now on.

You see if you have a constructive debate as Zarao, I will listened to them.
We already had many discussions and he accepted some of my points of views and I accepted some of his points of view.
We both have different points of view and agree to disagree.
But I must admit I learned a lot from him.

You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine.
If you are in story discussion forum, expect people to disagree with you, including players that play the same faction as you do, which probably you already noticed, it goes the same way for the Alliance.
They don’t always agree on everything.

Thank you, Araphant.



I play horde buddy, i support horde why does that seem weird to you?

Already stated the same as you desperately trying to SJW my opinions, nobody cares if you like my opinion or not, im allowed to have my opinion forum fuhrer.

When you are clearly alliance biased and a wannabe PEACEcraft player, yes ill answer you back. But mind yourself beucase you got triggered on my opinion and started SJW’ing me. I dont care what you think i will keep my opinion no matter how much it annoys you.

Then let me have it and start trash answering me with nonsense because you cant convince me.

(Leíá) #71

If somebody was SJW’ing you, I’d know it, see it and call it out.
I’m a conservative and an individualist and don’t believe in SJW’s.

Amazoner is the last person to be an SJW. Amicable debate is all that is taking place.


Wow, Amazoner is a Horde player, I know that since I know some of her characters. She is very caring and thoughtful about others, and she has a very interesting way of looking at WoW, specifically her views on the Horde are very interesting, something that I usually agree with.

I am going to report your posts, they are venomous and do not belong here.


Your opinion is just what I predicted:

I could never understand this narrative:

After reading your replies, I am starting to ask myself if the writers nailed you perfectly.

Thank you Leíá and Haiete.


(Leíá) #75

It’s not totally all about you, though.

If you can’t handle your opinions being challenged, then you shouldn’t post on the forums. People are within their rights to disagree with you or give you a difference of perspective.
If you choose to be rude and attack them and name-call them, then you deserve nothing more than being banned from the forums, permanently.

Perhaps respect somebody’s else point of view and then yours might be respected. Failure to do that, you shouldn’t be posting on these forums.


I already did.
Do you know what’s the difference between vanilla Horde and today ?
We accepted others people’s alignment, lawful, neutral, chaotic.
Unlike you.



I can handle this, but as it seems you cant handle me having my opnion and as the other dude said im toxic and report material for having a differnet opinion.

Thats entirely special snowflake PoV and exactly the oposite of what you said with the weight being on you, not me.

I posted something then this person started SJWing me and schooling me, my views wont change. I can handle urs you have to handle mine. Period.

Just incase youre blind besides a forum lawyer i havent answered to any of his/her posts instead mine was answered and i was being pushed to change my mind based on what he/she thinks.

Read the conv from the begging before you make yourself look like a fool to support your friend.

Took you 3 days and endless replies, be faster next time.

Vanilla is gone, BFA is up atm. Reality check.

If you truly had accepted them you would not get triggered with me having different opinion from yours and try to force me to your PoV for 3 days.

I think you better check your facts and claimings because they are exactly the opposite of what you try to appear them like.

Also im enjoying you called your friends to support you to convince me, still dont care though nothing changes.

(Leíá) #78

I can’t handle you calling somebody “mental” because they take a different view.

You were the one who directed an insult towards somebody. That’s you being a snowflake, for NOT being able to handle your emotions properly and because you are NOT able to accept their point of view.

No it was an offer for an open discussion.
You might claim to be some sort of “conservative” but a true conservative, like me, is always open for discussion and debate.

I’m sure, at one point, Amazoner and I have had a discussion, where we both held differing views, but we never let emotions get out of hand, because either of our perspectives were challenged.

Again, you were the one to call somebody a name. She didn’t make you do that. She was open for discussion.

If you can’t handle debate, you are hardly in a position to start preaching “snowflake” or “SJW”, as those two things are common in those who can’t handle debate or have their ideas challenged.

Again, the Oxford English Dictionary, should have added to the term “snowflake” to say: “PC zealots, determined to silence debate and close minds.”


It took me 3 days to see what kind of poster you are.

…and everything that’s happening it’s what you deserve.
You might have loved the beginning, but you won’t like the end.

I think you should learn manners, before calling out on other people.

And by the way I have zero problems being called out.
I doubt that’s your case.

That’s not even remotely true.



When someone goes mental, i will call it mental no matter how much you can or cant handle it.

Also it was he/she could not handle my opinion and started attacking me on my low HK lol.

You better direct your answers to your friend as whoever reads the history of this conversation can understand no matter how much you desperately trying to twist it.

When you go mental and searching my profile for something negative to find and point out that is mental.

I posted my opinion while your buddy tried hard to change my opinion according to his PoV and you supporting him/her twisting what i said and accusing me for what you both do against me, im having my opinion you cant handle it.

You both are snowflakes not me.

That doesnt mean im going to change my opinion based to what you and your ghetto of friends think i should.

Again, going mental and searching my profile to just call out something is mental. No matter what you think.

Tell that to your friends, not me.
I did talk to your friend untill it gone fully mental and then called you for aid. Laughable.

Now if you trying to be catchy and smart you better read the whole conversation and call your ghetto to get real instead of reading oxford dictionary and come up with a wannabe smart answer.

A poster that doesnt care about your opinion and has his own and will continue having his own.

Wise words, you read in the future or just watched the 4chan leaks?

I think you should learn what democracy itself is before you act like a forum hitler trying to enforce your opinion on me, then i will learn some manners.

Im absolutely sure about that.

Its 100% remotely obvious since they both know youre a she and not a he, therefore they do know you AKA your friends. Captain obvious re-strikes again.

But hey, i got it know in between millions of forum threats your ghetto of friends happened to see your post and insolent me not being convinced and change instantly his mind by reasonable you and they came to aid, but luck…


So… have we all decided to make troll-feeding a group activity?

(Leíá) #82

It’s called offering a difference of perspective.

She isn’t trying to change your mind.

Now that’s comedy, in it’s own right.
You are a snowflake because your ideas being challenged is somehow, the greatest sin of all.
Do us all a favor. Grow up.

Talked to, shouted at, treated as though she’s sh!t on your shoe. I’m sorry, you are not one for civil debate.

Nor does it give you the right to start shouting down somebody.

And don’t try your crap with me. Your debates are never civil because you can’t handle it, in the first place. You are just like Clementine Ford, the radical Feminist who truly hates all men…except you hate all you offer a difference of view or perspective.