Horde lore discussion


I never had any intention to change your opinion, all I did was to express my point of view and I already gathered enough data about you to conclude why did they wrote BfA as they did.

You are right, Wimbert.

Thank you Leíá and Haiete, again.



Are you for real?
You gotta read again mr lawyer.

Im not the one bringing his ghetto to answer to someone that hurt your feelings by not accepting the allmighty masters will.

You gotta grow up both.

Now you are going mental if you think all of these stated above. 10x more mental than her.

Shouting? LoL

But you do try yours with me as i see along with your ghetto, i dont care for once more. If you got hurt by me having an opinion is something you both must be checked for.

Now twisting the reality to your purpose and claiming gargage accusations to support your weak argument is still something even more laughable, and honestly you win nothing.

I wasnt the one seeking armories to find something to speak for and neither the one that gone un-civil because i said: you support them so much you should be playing there.

The radical term belongs to your friend, i had my opinion she tried 3 days to change it based to hers.

Once more, thats what your friend is not me. I havent tried to change anything, she did.

Thats why you kept spamming me 3 days and trying desperate to convince me until you got in berserk mode… Absolutely sure.

So i should change my opinion based to your gathered data? We keep making circles here.

I love how you both accuse me for what you do in first place and how you both like each others posts <3 So cute :joy:

(Leíá) #85

And this is what you simply fail at understanding and why you are not a true conservative.

It’s a debate…a discussion that can be held.
You can’t handle your ideas being offered a difference in view, you are toxic and have no place on the forums.


This is why you both fail and know it, no matter how much you try youre not changing anything as all conversations and the intial SJW your friend answered me trying to convince me.

When you debate someone you do it to prove him wrong and then what trying to push me agreeing?

You keep making circles here and make both you and her look like fools.

I stated my idea, the debate was being put to change my mind. Toxic is when you try to force others to change their mind for 3 days and calling your ghetto to support you.

Keep trying, youre going nowhere but trading likes between the 'called for rescue" gang’s nonsense.


Imagine flaunting your political beliefs on the forums.

Big fat yikes.

(Leíá) #88

You are toxic. Reported as such.


yes im toxic because i didnt say sorry to your friend for having a different opinion as she probably wanted to while spamming me for 3 days.

Get yourselves checked, both of you.


We came here to support Amazoner from your bile, no one told me to do it.

(Leíá) #92

Ignore him.

He clearly doesn’t want to debate. He wants to bully, patronize and later claim “victimhood” points. His sort always do.


Debating is for those who try to change someones views, i did answer your friend more politely that she deserved until shes gone mental searching my armory to find something to insult and until she called her ghetto to support her.

Tell that to your friend called 3 others to support her on changing my mind, im a bully that i dont adjust my opinion based on yours. What a pack of snowflakes.

Each and every garbage insult you make should be pointed directly to your friend and yourselves basically while you all try to patronize ME for my different opinion that will never change no matter what.

Exactly another point you should turn to yoursleves as you patheticly insult me for 45 mins because i did not bow to your female friends opinion… White knights.

I guess now you know that even a gank of 50 cant change an opinion no matter how much you desperately special snowflake report or flame someone on the forums.


People like that is why we need ignore from old forum back. For both sides since both think other are toxic/snowflake. And ignore function would solve it as neither side would have to see other sides posts.


can we go back to horde lore discussion now. i really liked all of this before it got thrown into some sort of… politics or manners ex nihilo (???)

i swear, this is 2nd thread i’ve seen now. who knows how man else are out there…

(Zahir) #98

Well, then tell me pls, why are you here?^^


Its world of WARcraft not LOVEcraft, horde is fine and mighty queen Sylvanas is perfect. That honor and moraly gray is the excuses alliance finds to whine in the forums.

Alliance is always the most favored faction lore-wise, now that sylvanas killed a few nelfs and burned down the RP tree “shes a criminal” while VJaina is all good butchering the whole dalaran in the dalaran purge.

After the RP tree burning alliance did alot worst in return:
invaded Undercity
Invaded dazar alor
Killed the king
Stole zandalar treasures
Killed plenty of zandalar trolls during invasion
then their buther and her gnome pet escaped like “typical alliance”

Blizzard owes the horde a siege of stormwind, enough with petting alliance and the forum warrior nerlfs.

I hope the mighty QUEEN will burn the 2nd and last tree.
Also the traitors since MoP: Thrall + Saurfang to jail or to alliance, they exist only to please the spoiled alliance forum warriors.


This was my cue to leave to be honest.


That’s still innocent trolling.

Calling others mental, now that’s where I stop laughing.


That wasn’t trolling, there are some people who sadly believe that nonsense.


If there is one thing that this expansion proves, is that Jaina did nothing wrong. Should’ve drowned all those unwashed barbarians when she had the chance. If the Alliance had listened to Jaina, there wouldn’t have been any world war at all.

It’s not like we needed the Horde to defeat the Iron Horde and the Legion, so even if they had listened to Jaina’s wise words the world would have been saved.

(Zarao) #103

I’d say that pretty much each and every lore info we have regarding that period, contradicts the above. But…ok :+1:.


Anyone else…?

(Leíá) #105

Nope. What Zarao said.