Hordeling Transfering away!

Thanks alliance for the camping. Hope you enjoy your dead realm soon.
Ill go for a 50/50 realm.

Dragonfang it is!


Weak will leave. Strong will stay and become even more stronger.

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Tears have never tasted so good.

You are the worst person I have ever seen, do a favor for everyone and stop playing. I also love your name, very rp friendly for the realm, you know it’s against the rules right?


More tears? Keep them coming.

Good, I hope that way only the RPer from the horde and alliance stay.
I enjoy a bit of pvp but the main focus on this server should be RP.


Alliance aren’t transferring - it seems to be exclusively horde at the moment.

It’s starting to become a real issue, most horde 48-59 are transferring away or playing low level alts until Dec 10th (BGs). For 60s there is a large (and growing) trend that people will only log on for raids.

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Dear chiken “noname authtor”
Nobady care of this $hit! About factions balance and fairs fight ))) coz^

  1. Honor gives from multiply kills/=
  2. RBG - will be crosserv )))) lol
    Our Clan do not transfering for only one reason: we not going for low population server. Coz we want to see AK40.
    We will wait paid transfer to hight pop servers ))
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I had some friends from the guild transfer this past month, but yeah it’s doesn’t seem like alliance is transferring too much.

I still have hope BGs can solve much of the bloodlust consuming the server population at the time.

ok but did it really require a post here.

It’s not like the Horde don’t have a bunch of kill squad’s running around Western and Eastern Plaguelands…
Just a couple of cry babies try’n make some noise here. Nothing to see, move on.

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The whining is amazing :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure glad Horde don’t camp boats, Dm, Chillwind and anything else really :slight_smile:

comparing camping a boat with entire BRM being blocked off - enjoy your dead realm. You deserve it :smiley: Better on my current realm. I advice all horde to do the same.

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Bye! Have a nice time!

dragonfang :DDDDDDDDDDD I had to reroll from that server because its so dead, enjoy it man.

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Lol not anymore fam

It’s more about how the Alliance is generally outnumbering the Horde at high traffic areas (brm) at the moment so it’s very easy for unorganized Alliance to dominate unorganized Horde while both factions are gathering there for raids/dungeons etc, so it ends up being a honor farming area for the Alliance.

Both factions have kill squads going around killing and ganking, you’re right about that. But the average Horde player is definitely having a harder time right now when doing other stuff, while the average Alliance player can just show up at brm and be pretty save, AND farm easy honor in the process.

Not blaming the Alliance by the way, Horde would do the same if things were reversed, but lets not pretend that the average Horde player is in the same position as the average Alliance player atm.


Hmm…seems you are the one that will enjoy a dead server soon, certainly not ZT. Just admit you’re salty cause you can’t do exactly what Alliance are doing atm.

And ZT is still amongst the most balanced servers in the EU so what the heck are you complaining about? Sure, right now it’s a bit of a mess - both factions are taking it too much to the extreme if you ask me, but evidently the Alliance side are not crybabies as you are (which it’s really a shame for your faction - Strength and Honor and all).
Comes Dec 10th things will considerably cool off, which it’s gonna be definitely good and healthy for the server, so just be a bit patient.


More allys ? Daaaaa bettter we willl burna mooore allys more elfas we needda much mora of da gnomas, on da server, so we hava mora food .


Billionaire telling a familie that just he just evicted from their home “The economy is fine, stop crying your supposed to be all about hard honest work”

I’m sure it looks fine from your high perch, mean while here in the trenches not a day passes with out a pm from somebody that quit or rerolled