Horrific Visions Disconnect

Just went into a vision, cleared the first corrupted area with the totems and moved into the second one with Garona, where I placed down an orb and was immediately disconnected. Upon returning I was no longer in the vision, however received no rewards.

As I have previously failed a vision and still received the chests and mementos from the zones that I completed, I would like to know why there was no reward given in this instance?


Similar here. Got in vision, killed 5 mobs and all abilities lagged out and got DC 5 seconds after.

No reward, no cloak upgrade, 10000 momentos gone. Love the state of the game…

Now that I think about this, never in history it has been like this where a DC can just remove 1 week of farming. You play, invest time, get resources and blizz servers are like…LOL JK, start over.




I understand that this can be a bit frustrating, sadly we cannot restore back any Vessels of Horrific Visions, or Coalescing Visions currency. I would suggest that you have a look into this article however.

If you are getting frequent disconnections I would advise to troubleshoot the matter, before heading into another Horrific Vision.

Considering I’ve been booted out of the game several times yesterday (when trying to exit chamber of heart or exiting scenario) and the fact that even small jump can disconnect you when you fall back to the ground, I would say the patch did bring some additional issues regarding disconnects.


Fix your servers, me and 4 guildies all just lagged out halfway through a very good vision run and a few moments later all of our guild gets world server down. Once we logged back in 5 minutes later we were back in the Chamber of Heart and didn’t receive anything for our vision run even though as I said we cleared past Rexxar with 2 orbs left.



Just got thrown out of a Vision when the server went down and I’m sure I wont get that key back. This feels like 8.3 Alpha.

This is an issue with YOUR game, with YOUR code, with YOUR network. How can you just tell these players you wont refund their Vessels or Visions? These players PAY to play the game, they spend their time farming things to do content, and you cant even acknowledge that. Instead you cut paste some troubleshoot guide.

Is this what Blizzard have become now? Blizzard were never like this, they cared about the players because guess what? Without the players this game wouldnt even be successful.

Rethink your answers next time and give these players proper support.


The Article you suggests is no Help at all, disconnected with 3 ppl at the same time in a fight with Thrall. Logging back in a few seconds later with no Vessel, no Cloak upgrade and essentially the farm from the past days gone. Not helping players with restoring the lost items because of problems obviously caused by the game, only suggesting not to be infight when disconnecting and log back in as fast as possible is just poor advice.


Its because Ion is more focused on the Mythic plus race and end game content for exposure than everyone who pays to play every day.

The game has fallen so far since he’s been at the helm its so sad.

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Can’t agree more.
The state of the game is at horrible point.
Constant disconnects, no refunds on server drops etc.

Maybe instead of blaming our connection, apologize to us and give us a refund or something.


the same happened to us. first ID and we’re already behind. FeelsBadMan.

It’s nice to see that blizzard as a company doesn’t give a single damn about their paying customers.


I would very much appreciate that response however the article is incorrect, it has now been 24 hours and I have not received any corrupted mementos or other goodies that I would have looted from the zone that I cleared.

And thank you but I do not often get disconnections, and the only ones I am used to experiencing outside of this bug in horrific visions is the demon hunter dash bug, which has been in the game since the start of Legion beta, though that’s another issue entirely.

I think a lot of us would be set at ease if you wonderful people could at least confirm that you are looking into this disconnection issue as opposed to pinning it on the players however.
Thank you.

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We all know this is a Blizzard issue and they are just trying to dodge the bullet, keep making tickets so they refund the key to vision… their mistake there job to repay players for their lost key.


We all had World Server Down yesterday. So we lost the vision and opened tickets. All we got so far was nearly the same answer with a link to a WOWHEAD article on how we can obtain vessels.
Blizzards servers crash and i get a link to an article on how i can farm more??? what the f*** hell


That’s how they act it’s like our fault that we got disconnected middle of the vision, nice one! And I would like to have my key back!

Blizzard would be a god customer service company if they just freely send a vessel in the mails of whole eligible active players.
Simple rule:
For i = 1 to MaxCustomerBase
–If accountNumberi isActive Then
----For j = 1 to maxCharacterNumber
------If character j is eligible Then
--------Send the vessel to mailbox
--------Include message: “Apologies for the invonvenience, we are working on improving your game experience”
------End if
----next j
–end If
next i
End rule

Not that difficult…

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Same thing happened to me today,
having a family i need to carefully plan my game time.
After a few days of farming i finally had enough to enter a horrific vision.
Killed two bosses and went on to thrall, mid fight i got a dc.
Ended up back in the chamber of heart.
Tried CS but that backfired, try again next week was the answer.
This slap to the face is just too much. They lost me :frowning:

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All I can say dear Blizzard is that you guys refuse to admit, that this is all your fauilt - rushed the 8.3 so bad, that it went on being in the terrible state. Game is literally unplayable for most of the time. Either server-shards are lagging to the point of game freezing, or people are burning the keys (mine included - either could not use sanity orb even being out of combat, or just stright DCed during the vision which also caused destruction of the key for 10k currency). Dailies were duplicating, quest items didn’t appear / were vanishing,

On top of that you introduce the “no refund policy”. I mean I wouldn’t mind it, if the problem were not persisting / was hotfixed fast. But no - you guys blame our connections, even tho there is literally no reason to assume, that it’s the clients’ fault, since we all have the same bugs in the same places after 8.3 went live. Stop blaming your customers that are paying real money to play the game.

The policy could be abused, yes I agree - some people would simulate DC during the vision just to get one more try on that. But let’s be honest - people (including players from top guilds that will take part in mythic first race) got so many keys burned, that I would not mind even giving some abused keys towards people that didn’t realy suffer from the game state. Cloak is capped anyway.

Please blizzard. Either fix your game how you should or refund people the time they spent on it.

Blizz need to sort this out, no refunds is stupid, putting time into a game where they were very much aware of World Server Issues (latency issues) 18/01 but refuse to refund anything for the time/keys/currency wasted.

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