How are people managing Grimvail this week as a tank

Or just as a mele… Jesus. Storming and sang combined with mobs that dont move and small isle… Anyone with a few pointers ? :slight_smile: I guess just kite them backwards ?

I use the “don’t go in there” tactic.


dont do it simple thet

Havent dont much dungeons in last like 3 weeks . But u can either use knocksback to move them, hide behind texture to force movement or kill equaly .

Last is best and most time eficient but requires at least above room temperature iq of whole group , so not guaranteed in pugs . Also if its not some super high dangerous key, tell your tank to eat stormings , its annoying af but in those narow spaces it realy helps if it doesnt lead to wipe .

Or simply avoid that one for this week.

I decided to work on my KSM this week, and somehow managed to knock off Tyrannical Grimrail Depot with these affixes. It was mostly a matter of slow, deliberate pulls, one pack at a time. The second section was obviously the hardest, but it got easier as we progressed, as we basically walked backwards on every pull to get as little Sanguine healing as possible.

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