How can i contact an actual Human GM?

I am stuck in BFD with my Character Deadbysnusnu in Firemaw EU. I logged of yeterday in the Instance and cant log in with that Character anymore. The loading bar stops at 90% and disconnects me from my Battlenet account after 5 Minutes of unsuccessful loading. The automated unstuck service is a disfunctional joke and doesnt work at all. The ticket gets resolved succussfully without any improvment for me. I left 2 Bugreports aleady but to no avail. Really Blizzard i pay real Money for this Game get it done asap.

There used to be an option on the “Stuck Character Service” page that would appear after using it once, to allow you to ticket a GM, if the service failed.

However I also saw a report a few weeks ago, that Blizzard actually removed that option, however it was only a single report, I have no idea if its true or not.

having the exact same problem now. same dungeon.

That option is not there anymore, or i am to blind to find it. I am just glad that i will start over in the classic+ servers. I hope the Gms and Blizzard are more interested to keep things working there.

can you still not get back onto your character? its been almost 3 days for me now, still the same

I logged out during the dungeon BFD in classic wow and now it wont log back in on that particular character, gets to like 80-90% and then gets stuck; all sound goes and never logs in.
I can log into other characters fine.
Ive tried the ‘stuck character service’ and it says failed. Tried this multiple times as i cant see any other option as it loops me round in circles through the support system. Can any1 help?

ohh btw this has been same over 24 hours.

The same has happened to me Character Name Deadbysnusnu in Firemaw EU in BFD aswell. just transfer it anywhere its so sad to pay Money for this game while it takes that long and no fix in sight. And your automated unstuck services are disfunctional at best.

so you had to transfer realm at £16 then pay another £16 to gte back to same realm?

Hi there,

So indeed this would be something that’s typically resolved either by staying logged of from the character for a while, or with the help of the stuck character move option.

If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend trying again later or if needed you can always submit a ticket directly using another category.

More info here:

I have tried character stuck service about 10 times, each time saying it failed but yet resolved… it obviously doesn’t work - could you tell us a step by step process on how to submit a ticket. this wont go away on its own, we need a gm to do this.

I am facing the same issue in the same dungeon. Character Easykill on Firemaw server. Any solutions?

So I figured out how to get character back guys. this is step by step process:

  1. Blizzard Support - Contact Support (

  2. click on “i would rather categorize the issue”

  3. click “technical” and then “cant connect”

  4. click “contact us” at bottom

  5. This is the page were looking for! Here fill out the FULL FORM including Traceroute and Diagnostic files - you can click on the links provided on there to see how to do this (its not that difficult, but sure annoying).
    here are the links on how to do these: - how to get your Traceroute file. - how to get your Diagnostic Files

My ticket got resolved in 12-14 hours - character was moved by the game master to a safe spot.


You can’t do that since there is a 90 days cooldown on transfers.