How can I do my +10 weekly?


Yeah now it is still ok-ish. But in a month it is done. I had also my fair share of improving my own key in s2. and 1 week I ended up with a higher key (like +13 when my next highest done was something like an 8 because of a 14 run with friends). No tanks at all in close to 2 hours from 20:00 on an evening.

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The tanks are a big problem. We had a 1000ish score one and we had a wipe right at the start, on the clearing after the first groups. The yellow hp bar mobs got pulled, died instantly and the debuff was just too much for me. Everyone just died in 3 seconds.
I thought group will fall apart, but surprisingly one of them just said to the tank to pull the next packs of mobs away from the yellow hp bar ones and from there on it was smooth as silk.

I have noticed tank entitlement tho. They are aware they are in the very much sought after minority and some are just trash because of it. It’s gotten into their head a bit.


they kinda are irreplacable and perform most responsible, demanding role. but everyone else seem to be entitled, why they cant be?

to me being a DD 2 times more fun than serving as a tank or healer to a very demanding audience… who presumes you are obliged to provide them service in the best MDI sort of way.

so i stopped doing tanking on my previous main. doesnt worth it at all.


I was ~450 raiderio with a +13 key :smiley:

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Yeah okay, sure, but when after a hard run the tank leaves just before last boss, that’s scummy behaviour, enabled because he knew he can be a dick with no consequences and because when he applies to next group it will be insta invite.


and loses on loot?
you must have pissed that one person hard in some way

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Yes of course. It’s everyone else’s fault.


well people dont shoot themselves in a leg for no reason.
all that it says for me, your group acted in the way that this person enjoyed denying you the completion way more than loot and exp ( i assume you speak about lvling dung )

people are generally rational, but if you are certain you have met a psycho its not the tanks problem its persons problem.

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Pls stop with the good for nothing contrarianism bs.

It was an m10, he left, he didn’t care about loot because he gets another chance at loot in 30 minutes.


wow, to lose a weekly m+10 thats deffo personal… 30 mins worth of time just to cuck you off the loot.

and i am saying my opinion on the story you shared publicly. not good for nothing contrari whatever. you cant take it?


reminds me of the kids on League who purposefully lose a game and lose their own rating just to make you lose your rating

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It’s not that I can’t take it. I just think you’re a bit too dumb to be talking to me with the stupid arguments.

Run along now, hope for UBI and momma’s basement forever.


You really must have pissed of this guy that he decides to rather not take the loot after all this time and struggle

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Yes yes. Nothing was his fault. Precious tanks and cucks cucking for them on forums.


nobody says hes some holy guy but you make it sound like hes the evil one because he left :wink::wink:

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He did a scummy move. I told it like that, that he did a scummy move. Also told it was a difficult run. I witheld no valuable information.

But if you ppl are conditioned towards “tank is holeee” I cannot help it. Pavlovian dog reflexes.


Now I love that dude who denied trash like you the loot :relieved:
Edgyclownxxx must learn their proper place in life.

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Of course, because you’re basic af.

And being this basic means you couldn’t even comprehend it wasn’t about the loot.


It sure helps though… unless you want to be social with the weirdos in /1 and /2…


I mean AD /2 is quite entertaining and wholesome from time to time