How can you use the new Recruit a Friend?

How can you use the new Recruit a Friend?

Nowhere can I find information about how or where you generate the specified link. I think this is an oversight for Blizzard as they should make it easier to find it.

Also, can you still recruit someone that made a new account but is under the 30 day limit?


I don’t think its implemented quite yet, cause its meant to be in your friends list tab you can open in game where you can generate a link to refer to your friends, to your account. Will have to wait for them to roll it out into the upcoming hot fixes/minor patches–by the sounds of it the only thing you need to becareful with is veteran accounts and inactivity regarding accounts, I could be wrong but atleast thats what I understood so a brand new account should be safe???

Its not out yet, all we know is that its coming soon :sweat_smile:

The framework for the new Recruit A Friend was added with the 8.2.5 content update, but indeed it’s not yet available. Soon™ :sunglasses:

In the meanwhile you can get yourselves acquainted with the new system here.


Understood now, thank you very much!

I will be buying complete edition of wow now to activate when the time comes and RAF is released :smiley:

More % to XP gained was part and parcel of the old system despite a massive recent nerf. What about the new system? Does it increase XP gained I wonder?

Yes, it’s on the link Sorakleon posted.

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