How did wie even defeat Azshara?


Are we weaker without our artifacts? Probably. But we also now possess the Heart of a literal Titan which serves to empower us and our equipment with the very power of Azeroth itself. Is that better than my stacked Ashbringer? Hard to say. But it’s clear the power of that weapon hasn’t entirely abandoned me, as I still have ‘Wake of Ashes’ in my Talents.

That is true. She falls victim to her own hubris and while using us to free N’zoth, finds herself trapped by the machinations of her enemies. That doesn’t remove the fact that we’re among the most qualified people in existence to face off against her and win by this point - with aid, no less, from four famous faction heroes.

As for her being a raid boss, and thus having to lose… We’ve defeated Arthas, Deathwing, Archimonde, KJ, a Titan Soul, numerous Old Gods. At this point, her defeat was inevitable. And as wise old Terenas said, “No King rules forever…”

Well, it turns out that applies to queens as well.

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Reminder that Azshara accomplished her strategic objective of freeing N’Zoth. We could kill her 200000 times (and we do in resets) but this was really a defeat of the PC/Azerothians. We traded a small tactical victory (She got away) for a major loss (Big megasquid free to rampage, that is orders of magnitude more dangerous than Azshara). Fleets are all but gone as well.


For some insight, the Queen Azshara fight is quite fun. Lots of mechanics to be careful of. Fantastic to play everytime even as a healer that runs around dispelling stuff.

But thematically, I kinda expected… something more? For those years to plan N’zoth, she was counting on a lot of variables for it to happen. Honestly, I was half-expecting her to just shatter the bubble in one phase to drown us all or something. In like a big, heavy-damage phase.

Bit off-topic, but yeah…

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They could have concluded the fight without us killing her and the conclusion would have been exactly the same…

Our dps is too low and she announces disappointment and wipes the raid. If our dps is high enough she should have congratulated us and will give us a first row screening of N’Zoths awakening…

Instead they for some reason made her weaker than advertised…


Azshara never was that big of a deal. She was just hyped by fans just because of war of the Ancients. We already killed bigger fishes than her before.

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Which was a huge mistake. There was no logical way for us to even survive briefly on Argus considering the sheer amount of demons there. And Kil’Jaeden was suppose to be a grand architect of conspiracies. He was pretty much the founder of the orcs vs humans conflict and he let himself get killed without doing anything notable in Legion…

Blizzard literally have no idea on how to conclude their villains, and it is disheartening.


Coughs in Garrosh

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He should not have been given the Villain bat in MoP. One of the few characters that actually made the faction war work and they made him go full Hitler…

Edit: My bad then.


I was agreeing with you.


Come on guys, we all know that human mages are always stronger than elves mages…



Who knows who lorewise defeated Azshara… usually we are at best a small fraction of a bigger war machine. Or a group of rampaging dudes with special talents xD

Still I don’t get why so many people hype Azshara so much, yes she was powerful but the upscream for the death of others who came before here was not nearly as bad. In the end she was a magic fish lady and maybe the biggest magic wielder of her time but that was mostly because she had the best understanding of how to tap into the well of eternity. In the end she screwed over most of the planet and her stupidity (hunger for power) cost Azeroth a huge chunk of land mass.


If we look at the power level of our classes, than we can say most champions are pretty insane.

Take for example the DK. To get apocalypse he has to fight it head on.

The last user who had it almost defeated Aegwynn in a 1v1 and the deathlord had no trouble getting it.

Our hero’s are no small fries anymore. I would say the deathlord alone jumps around Lichking level just without helmet

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Player characters are basically walking demigods at this point. That’s the “logic”.

From a narrative perspective it’s crap, but I think most WoW players can agree that Blizzard’s writing is crap, so nothing new there.

You should treat the story as the packaging of the gameplay, nothing more. It’s always been tailored to meet gameplay requirements or to make cool things happen. It’s just not worth taking seriously imo. There is no internal consistency.


Azshara is THE strongest Mage alive on Azeroth.

You do realize she used the Tidestone to open the waters and all Jaina and Thalysra could do with their powers combined using the stone was fire a beam right?

Also she was basically extracting/stealing and manipulating our Azerite while fighting us at the same time.

Thalyssra and us realize this when she reaches like 50% or something during which points she even mocks us about not having realised that.

So when push comes to shove, she simply chooses to put more effort into channeling that sweet Azerite into the machine instead of killing us. She was never trying to kill us. Only to force us to unleash more Azerite fighting her so she can unlock Nzoth.

And she did. Its a clear defeat for the “Champions” of Azeroth


When Azshara “loses” she still wins
Have you ever tried emoting a rude gesture against her at the Queen’s court? BOOM, lightning, insta-kill
THATS her true power!
When anoyed, she simply kills you with a snap
At the final seal? Was just toying us, she even says before the fight starts!
Like a theatre, just a play, everyone plays his/her part, the stage is set, and at the end, she was a bit distracted, you know, releasing an Old God from his chains… Titan chains, made by them (or at least their servants)
Sometimes things happens… like when she tried to open that portal for Sargeras and the Well imploded around her (N’zoth was trapped under the Well of Eternity by the way?) yet he still pulled a shield and with a quick bargain, saved her people and herself
No mate
We not really defeated Azshara
Just played our part like good little actors in the play she organized on her stage
Pat yourself on the back!


We brought her health to zero while not allowing our own health reach zero.


Any boss ever dont die (well except M gorefiend i guess)


How can N’zoth be trapped under it , when it was made by ripping out a other old god , creating the hole ?


Well, Zin-Azshari and Azshara’s palace was built on the shore of the Well
Thats a known fact
Then the Harbringers vid came, that showed, waves crusing down on the capital and the palace
Now, back then the capital was in the middle of Kalimdor, far away from the shore… or ocean
Sure, the continent cracked open, but still… N’zoth said he was trapped beneath of these waves… meaning, he was chained under the Well
And the Eternal Palace with the Circle of Stars where the Pilars are located with the chains binding N’zoth was built on the top of the capital’s ruins, or at least very near to it
So yeah… silly but it seams after ripping out Y’shaarj and defeating the Old Gods one by one, N’zoth, was dragged under the Well and was chained at the Circle of Stars (hehe… Kaldorei: children of Stars? conection?)
Thrugh a fishy avatar, he observed the word especially Azshara…


She spent expansion after expansion slowly building up her forces and tailoring her masterplan just to be easily defeated super easily by people just punching through everything with brute force followed by Jaina and Thalyssra doing some cataclysmically powerful magic together.