How do you see the factions


We all have different interperations of the factions.

I am curious about yours?


Constantly on the defendse and losing ground every war but refusing to surrender.


Selfrightious jerks who believe they have a right to rule just because they exist.


I’ll just talk about Stormwind.

What I want Stormwind to be like:

What Stormwind is like right now:

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Oh Warhammer! I will have to nerd over this thread once I am home!


Not really lol. Your bait is weak.


More productive now.

What Horde should be like:

Alliance(staying realistic since humans are physically weaker then most others):

Last one is to save the story of all the non humans in the Alliance. Maybe blue team will stop being boring then.


So the horde did not invade azaroth, ashenvale, destroyed stormwind, kill a naaru because they didnt like the idea there religion was a lie, had both garrosh and sylvanas as warchief, didnt claim the right to rule ashenvale by strenght of arms?

Didnt rexxar declare lands his because he build a fortress on it.
Lands owned by humans at the time?

I would love to hear what you tell yourself the horde is.
Because i am sure this:

Is not a race that considers others there equals.


Ah i agree.
Stop pretending the horde is anything else then conquerers would be nice.


More like “We don’t take crap from anybody. And Baine can suck a dookie.” but sure whatever fits your headcanon.

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I don’t want to put more energy in yet another of ‘these’ threads.
I just wanted to praise the Charr reference, Charr really are The Master Race.

Makes me miss GuildWars…


Sure because not taking crap from anybody is the same as multiple invasions.
Nice headcannon.


Indeed. We understand each other. Charr owning everyone. Humans almost extinct. As it should be.


Dunno how this would fit into a faction but I just want to link this.


Sound like how an horde warchief would act.


Charr suck. Black Citadel sucks.

Humans best. Never forget Ascalon etc etc.


No they not. Ascalon is gone just like the invading usurpers from the Mists and their gods. That land was never theirs to take. Get over it and stay in Kryta :wink:


Guild Wars 2’s version of the Amani vs. High Elves argument. You’re getting more creative Erevien, I appreciate that!

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How I want the Alliance to be:

How the Alliance is:

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Aaaaah, yes. The Alliance.
What I’ve asked.

And what I’ve got.

PS: I sense a rightful amount of loyal legions in this thread.





Ascalon used to be the rightful home of the Iron Legion until the gods arrived and pulled a free real estate for the humans as their new favorites. With the elder dragons rising they became powerless. As it should be. #charrforever


My point of view:
I see the factions as a mirror of what their leader is.

The first Horde was chaotic under the leadership of Gul’Dan/Blackhand.
Orgrim Doomhammer, was honoured and he got rid of Gul’Dan demonic inflluence but the Horde was still chaotic as that’s the nature of the majority of the Orc clans except the Frostwolf clan.

Because the Horde was chaotic, it allowed for the Alliance to be the lawful heroic faction everyone loved back than.

That changed with Arthas and Thrall in Warcraft 3.

On one side we can see a lawful prince of the Alliance, losing his mind over vengeance, turning in to a Death Knight, killing his father and destroying his kingdom.

On the other we can see a Orc that grew with Humans and became much different from what we know about Orcs.

I think Warcraft 3 was a series of chronicles that should had been kept away from WoW.

WoW narrative should had started since day one from the first game: Gul’Dan Horde as the movie.

Horde is chaotic, Alliance is lawful.
A simple narrative.

But because everyone wanted to play the new races, because Orcs and Humans were no longer enough they had to start WoW narrative from Warcraft 3 and shoehorn the Forsaken and the Night elves in the other two factions as that would make any sense …

Because Thrall Horde wasn’t chaotic enough, because Vol’Jin, Cairne and Baine were just too honored we had to receive addons like Sylvanas, Forsaken, Varimathras, Putress, Garrosh, Kor’kron etc.

The Alliance had in Vanilla litle Anduin and Bolvar.
The Horde had Thrall.
Two of the best leaders for me.
Because they did what leaders in WoW should do: nothing.
Let the adventure and fight to the Player character, he is the protagonist of the game in my opinion, not them.

The Alliance had Varian afterwards the best Alliance protagonist leader for me.
The Horde had Garrosh, replacing Thrall, a return to Orgrim Doomhammer roots, but unfortunately this wasn’t Orgrim Doomhammer Horde no more and he got dethroned, by Horde rebels and the Alliance.

The Horde got Vol’Jin afterwards another brilliant Warchief in my opinion.
Players that don’t like him say he did nothing.
That’s why I loved him so much, for the same reason I loved Thrall Horde.

But aparently because we can’t have a ceasefire for too long, Varian and Vol’Jin had to be killed.

Now let us see what we have in BfA.

Dark, grim, heartless, evil, no respect for honor, just like Sylvanas.

I was thinking about Anduin today and what he is.
He is a priest.
Priests hear confessions, forgive or condemn, sins.
We can see him doing those things with Sylvanas and Saurfang.
Condemning Sylvanas in Undercity and hearing Saurfang guilt confession, after that how Saurfang will amend for what he has done.
And probably this is where the problem lies.
While I wouldn’t have problems with Anduin leadership as I never had with Thrall and Vol’Jin leadership, I understand a lot of people would prefer Varian style of ruling or in alternative Genn Greymane.

Factions as Horde lore and everything else are what the developers say they are.
Alliance is lawful.
The Horde is what the developers say it must be.
In BfA: a return to “Warcraft roots”.

Yeah, I can see that.
Look at that angry Orc looking at Anduin in BfA poster.
Look at that angry Orc looking at Jaina in BfA poster.

The only thing it resembles a return to “roots” of Warcraft is the brutality of Horde actions reintroduced again, after a expansion where both leaders died fighting a common enemy
Talking about a mood breaker.

Sometimes I just want to say to Activision Blizzard “Horde” developers, to grow a pair and admit they never wanted to write Thralls Horde, what they wanted was Orgrim Doomhammer Horde back, but the community (majority: Alliance and Horde) didn’t aprove Garrosh and that’s how we came to BfA.

Sorry for the long post, this is just some of my thoughts that have been going on my mind for a while now.
Thanks for your attention.