How does it feel in AV Horde?

To wait 60-90 min for AV and get stomped by Alliance? We have returned to avenge the P2 massacre and your crying on forums for HvH that changed this game to Retail. Just because so many of you refused to roll an underdog faction.

Alterac Valey belongs to the Stormspikes.

-For the Alliance.


I dont think they are waitinh anywhere neat 60m tbh

It’s more 30mn than 60mn, and honestly, nobody care about Alterac Valley Horde side … people are filled with AV mark since day 1 because it’s the easiest BG to farm. You can literally tag and go AFK when the game pop, autorun in a wall, nobody will notice with 80 players in a single area. This is the easiest “AFK-able” Battleground in the game.


Its less then 10min those ally av premades actually made a decent que when you play the game we can play the game aswell but premade vs randoms aint fun so i lost to two premades and stopped quing it i can farm honor elsewhere got enough av marks anyway


Ha ! Ha ! Ha! Ha! I even came and told them that forsaken in his thread one day ago how it would goes and linked the us thread they didn’t believe ! roflmao :joy:

You hordes are gonna pay every injustice every nerf and griefing we suffered, you will be sparred of nothing ! And keep your bs of we are all the same behing the screen, in game there is blue and red.

Oh and that is for complaning about the junx box the Alliance got too !

I hope every season and will see to it is a hell of a grind , enjoy your peanuts honor /golfclap revenge is so sweet keep tearing them up guys ! :partying_face:

Hahah still crying about P2 :joy:


Ha ha ha got you good, I did not suffer from phase two i am an a pve rp realm :grin: , I am just here to make you miserable and so far it worked pretty well :rofl: Enjoy your tbc classic ! /kiss :kissing_heart: nothing you can say will chnage the fact you’re gonna suffer like a little child :yum:

Are you ok ?


Couldn’t be better ! Thanks for worrying though , farming you horde again and again and again is just pure awesomeness , maybe you should try it one day !

I played 1 AV today and won it. 3 a.m., 13 minutes of queue time. Nothing to complain about.

Whats even point of this thread?

You won a battleground and come here tell us about it?

Thank you… and I guess congratulations!



Played about 9 tonight, lost 1. 13 minute queue on average.

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You’re not making me miserable, I have done two AVs in the past day and won both. 10-15 min queue. :wink:

And to the rest above.

I love it OP. Finally AV is more fun tbh. And queues at 10 min during peak hours felt amazing.

Please keep doing it.

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Can we now plz have a forum group called “Forums > Burning Crusade Classic PvP” ??

Getting so tired of these kind of threads, everything in the classic discussion is about pvp pff

@OP Bitter much?

I’m sorry that i have to say that you don’t get to speak on behalf of the horde, i’m horde, i love AV and i loathe the fact that they didn’t include AV in the HvH experiment

@Blizzard, this is what you get when you exclude 1 of the BG’s in your experiments

If this continues Alliance will be the ones with queues, not Horde.

TBH both sides benefit from this.

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Please Allies, continue to PUNISH us Hordes by queueing AV.
It’s sooo horrible having FAST queues for EVERY SINGLE BG now as compared to before.
Oh nooo, however will we recover?


Seeing the success of yesterday’s party you can already consider your wish as granted horde, you will be able to enter alterac valley fast, congratulations you have now found the secret level, come defend the great horde !

This river is entirely free of crocodiles, 5 k honor/full marks a day guaranteed :grin:

See? And some zug wanted to ban ally for that, you are really weird faction

Yes every horde player is exactly the same

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