How hard are 15+s this season?

So I am looking to get the mount this season, but I am wondering, just how hard is it to get all 8/8 m15+s timed this season ?

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currently it is still pretty hard.
Very hard to pug, if you got a group it still will take some time.
Mainly it takes longer to gear up and then pushing keys :expressionless:

Ah that is no problems, I have a group I usually run with, we are doing around 13+ keys as of right now, sometimes timing, sometimes not, all being around… 200-205 ilvl or so.

Obviously not on this character.

There’s currently 304,700 timed +15 runs.
The question is do you consider yourself in the top 300k players?



Uh that I don’t know about but, I just hope I will be able to do it before the season ends :pensive:

I’m sure you can do it.
To put it into perspective SL season 1 already has more timed +15’s than Legion and BFA season 1’s had in their entirety according to raider io.

Keep at it and you’ll get it done.

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That’s mainly because shadowlands has an insane amount of players, equal to late wotlk


very easy 10 char

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If you can time 13s now, you’ll be able to time all 15s well before the season ends.

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That is a relief to hear :slight_smile:

According to, at the moment character ranked around 300K are not timing 15s (they are timing 10-12). And that’s a character rank, not player rank (some players have multiple alts timing 15s). To time 15s now you need to be around the top 60K I think. But the number will increase in time with gear and experience.


Then you can easily time all 15s before the season is over. You still have plenty of gear to collect as well so it’ll only become easier

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Good week for it this week. As long as ya have 3x DPS doing 4.5k+ damage, tank doing 3k+ and healer doing some you’ll get by with some spare time, long as no massive mess ups.

Did HoA earlier with 3x dps doing 5.5kish, DH tank at 3.5k, healer at 1.5k and we had like 7 mins spare very smooth run.

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Should be easy for you in that case. For comparison I just do one weekly 14-15 with my guildies and we don’t time them but if we actually knew what to do it’d be easy.

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+15s are easy with 210 ilv average. (In push weeks ofc)

You still have to know what you are doing and may fail a few times until you get it.
But nothing out of the pug world.

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Shouldn’t be too bad to get the ach. Just depends on how fast you want it. My main tanks group is in the 205-210 range and we are consistently timing most dungeons on +12 and up. Did our first 14 this week, although it was Necrotic Wake which is pretty rough so missed it by a few minutes. We haven’t really been actively pushing either. Just doing 4 keys pr week playing the weekly vault waiting game, and progressing naturally.

Usually they have around 2 full cycles of affixes each season (12 weeks pr cycle) so this puts us roughly 1/4 through the season. There hasn’t been much tuning to dungeons either, like Sanguine Depths being the “worst” dungeon every week.

If you’re already doing +13 keys, you should have no issues getting keystone master this season.

15s i guess are not tooo much harder than 13s. I guess you can see for yourself why you don’t time 13s sometimes. For our group it is because we had a wipe or some random deaths or a dps was not great or we don’t have the perfect route etc.

Problem with shadowlands is actually that you cannot compensate dps by pulling more thanks to aoe cap.
That is why i am curious about mdi, but maybe they take classes that are aoe uncapped… like fire and boomy?

if you get above 210+ ilvl you get a little more dps to get higher keys.

obviously you can and should also wait for the correct push week.

I would say the slower gearing is affecting many but I honestly don’t know how it compares to the first season of BfA. I am hoping I can still work my way up to 15s :slight_smile:

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I am hoping the same, and would love to do so.
Just keep switching chars, my DH or my warrior and so struck for time lately that i am honestly not sure if i can do it :frowning:

In BFA season 1 wasn’t keystone master for +10 instead of +15?

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