How is HA balance and queues on Mograine?


Looking for a balanced server with resonable queues and open world pvp.

Any faction dominating zones, FPs and so on ?

Are login queues resonable ?



Don’t let anyone lie you or tell you otherwise.

This is the best choice server , It is very active , very balanced and very crowded.

According to the unoffical census taken during the start of Phase 2 Mograine is THE most balanced PVP server on EU with a slight horde advantage.

Its a PVP server so there are ganking in both sides some zones more than others depending on your faction and level.

AH is filled and cities are full always.
Both factions are pretty balanced and loads of guilds recruiting in both sides.
There was a period of ganking feast where it was really bad before BG´s released but it was sorted out.

Horde ganking all the time so if you’r into that join the server.

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