How long queue can you tolerate?


Probably 20 mins. Don’t really know because I don’t remember such long queues.

But I won’t be in queue. Next week I have a lot of work, so I won’t be playing until first week of September. By then queues should go down.


Ideally, no que. Can tolerate 30 mins, will be willing to wait for around 1 hour on launch which will ofcourse drop over the next few weeks when people loose interest.

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Imagine sitting in queue for 4 hours and then the game DC’s you and you have to start all the way at the back of the chain.


I_________ what he said

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I’ve forgot what expansion it was, maybe cata or mop but i remember queuing when i got in from college and was still in the queue 5 hours later. 45 minutes seems great :stuck_out_tongue:

Thesedays i wouldn’t mind waiting an hour, i’d just queue and do something.

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0 . We have layering, if we didn’t, around 5k. But if we have ques with layering up, it means Blizzard are retarded.


hahah yes! I have tried more. I remember around christmas with the festivals. queues were HUUUUUUGE at times. Honestly it was good times :smiley:


Best thing said here. Layering + big ques = huge blizzard fail

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The amount of time it takes me to make tea and popcorn, if I haven’t entered the game by the time I return I will quit in a rage and return the next week


Zandalar baby.

Quality over quantity. Enjoy your queues folks.


5 hours ahh… Woo cares 999hours :wink:


As long as it takes! IDGAF I will sit in queue for hours if I have to, watching streams and eating all kinds of unhealthy crap. Being a real fat nerd come classic release


Well since I’m going RP-PvP and there’s only one such server in all of Europe I’ll just have to wait patiently however long the Q is if there even is one.
The game launches at midnight and I usually go to bed at 2am so that’s how long I’m willing to wait.
If there’s a permanent Q the following days/weeks, I’ll most probably give up and start spamming the forums with requests for a second RP-PvP server.

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For those saying “as long as it takes” - do you intend to log in and then never, ever log off?

I’ve zero patience, so queues=swap server. I’m not going to get home from work at about 6 PM, try to log in, sit in a queue until 8-9, then play for two hours, and repeat for the next two months. That just seems crazy to me.


Why warn us about queue times and not provide any fresh realms to move into?



2 hours, 37 minutes and 45 seconds… anything beyond that and my PC is going out the window!


Too little too late…


Same, I just hope all non RP PvP’ers who don’t come in on their PvP realms choose ours instead, we don’t need a new Defias scenario before we’ve even begun.

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