How many Servers? And names?


I have been looking through the forums a bit, but i couldent find it.

I was wondering how many server’s there are going to be? Will it be just like 2 pvp 2 pve 1 rp 1 rp-pvp?

or will it be like in the old days, and perhaps the same name’s aswell?

Is there any information about this -already?


The servers are not out yet, they will be released later this week.

Edit: They apparently also said they’ll release the server names before the weekend.

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I think that with layering in mind, they’re aiming to reduce server count as much as possible.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s 1 PVP, 1 PVE and 1 RP-PVE server per region and that’s it.

Internally, the workload is split between numerous machines anyway, so there really isn’t much reason to create multiple servers.

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Considering they were only going to give us 5 servers total before the uproar about other language servers, and now with the news on only ONE RP-PVP server on the English language servers. It seems highly likely we will only get 1pvp 1pve 1rp each for english/germany/france, then the extra 1rp-pvp for english servers and that’s all.
They are relying too hard on layering and “plan to remove it” within the first period/weeks. There will be lags/crashes/queues, all sorts of problems because they are refusing to prepare for how many people intend to be playing. They won’t be able to remove layering in that short of a time without causing so many queuing issues.

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Why do you think so?
Even if there’re several million players - current architecture is designed to handle it even with one server.

A “server” is nothing but a field in the database. In practice, you and your server-mates are playing on a couple dozen different machines that split you into groups and handle you separately. These are “shards” or “layers” that are basically just bigger shards.
There’s no reason for there to be any limit on how many such instances exist in the bounds of one “server”


I expect it will be a bit like China. A small pool (maybe 8) servers initially and a bunch of extra servers they can spin up as needed when the existing servers are full.


So when is “before the weekend”? :slight_smile:

Server list, please, Blizzard



I’ll laugh if they reveal it 23:59:59.


We need it NOW! :stuck_out_tongue:
They said before the weekend and today is Friday, the last day before weekend!

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Seems like the US servers are leaked…

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Those names are a relief, I read the Chinese servers are named after some social media personalities over there.

Glad NA and hopefully EU don’t have to suffer the same.


Named after Vanilla things. Precisely how I wanted it. :+1:


Oooh, server info before the weekend! Can’t wait!


Atiesh, Mankrik, Pagle, Whitemane, Barov.
They got some good ones!


I waited all day for the realm list, please give it to us! :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope we get the Hogger Realm.

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