How much does the community actually want an old world revamp like Cata?

Would it even work? Do we have faith in Blizzard to pull that off? I mean I have faith in the design team, every new zone tends to look beautiful, I’d love to atleast see some of those old zones in higher quality, but continuing those stories from those zones, would you trust current wow writing to pull it off? I believe we may be getting a northrend revamp? It could possibly be a way to test the waters?

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I don’t see the reason for it.
Retail WoW is an endgame experience where the formula revolves around moving to the next newly discovered continent in each expansion and having an isolated play experience there. The old stuff is always just left behind and there’s really no reason to update any of it, because the game doesn’t revolve so much around revisiting it as it revolves around skipping through it. And since Blizzard don’t seem to be changing that design approach, then there’s no real reason for updating old stuff.


I don’t trust them. And old world doesn’t need revamp, for the very reason it’s called old world, it’s a vital part of the old game (we all used to love), and revamping it would feel like killing another part of the soul of the game.


I’m a no on that. I was devastated at what Cata did to the old world … maybe the graphics needed a bit of updating, but not changing everything else too.


I like their approach that seems to come with Midnight & Last Titan - to go back to “old” zones and “make them new” with another addon that takes place there.

With the Bronze Dragons NPCs (“Show me XY before…”) set up in every zone we have the technology for those who don’t like / trust change to go back, which was missing for pre-Cata zones and seems to be what upset ppl most.

I definitely would like them to do the same for all of Azeroth - show us a hopefully healed Plagueland; show us a night elf reclaimed Darkshore / Ashenvale; show us what the Horde is building in Theramore; give us more insight in the changes that happened (must have!) in other zones. It makes the world feel more “real”. Showing us such changes would be more than enough for several addons, of course with quests to illustrate all of it.

To me, such stuff would be endlessly more interesting than a new continent that spawns out of nowhere every few years with races we have never seen before but are supposed to be “native” to Azeroth.


Cata removed a lot of potential transmogs with the revamping… unless it’s phased, where you can toggle between, no thanks.


Pretty badly, but now I know I won’t get one for at least the next 4 years, so…

I don’t understand fully why they want to do it but at the same time I hope they do, imagine all the details in the buildings etc being brought up to scratch with Boralus, like Goldshire, Stormwind, Orgrimmar etc, more HD textures can’t be a bad thing.

If it’s done properly it will be very nice, I’d personally love to see Stormwind rebuilt in a similar way to Boralus which still feels really alive and lived in even today.

There’s been a fully remodelled goldshire inn found modelled somewhere I think? It does seem like they may atleast try to update Stormwind hopefully

i don’t mind an old world revamp, i think it’s important for Blizzard to take some chances and actually keep up the work they’re doing now in terms of SoD

Stormwind does kind of need it, and it would be nice if it was remodelled, a complete rebuild is to much to hope for I think, but some new HD textures would look amazing, same with Silvermoon and Undercity, and every other alliance / Horde city

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Silvermoon seems one of the most likely seeing as supposedly we’re returning to the Sunwell in WoW Midnight and it’s gonna have a big focus on the elves and Quel’thalas

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I’m ok with catastrophic events ruining zones as long as the story arc then fixes it and returns them to a good state. Westfall is still bloody starving! Let me rebuild it!


I’d love to see a world revamp.
Some areas of the game are so old and outdated, you can really feel a clash when travelling between zones. Other areas are just unused and lifeless.
I think that, if they’re sensible with what they do, it could really be a positive addition to the game.
We don’t need a complete overhaul of quests and graphics to the entire game like Cataclysm did, just certain areas that could be brought back in to the fold. Other regions needs only a brush up of sorts, such as replacing those god awfull square trees and foliage and old structures for the new graphical style.

To be fair Silvermoon has always been crappy so probably any revamp would be an improvement.

Finally repairing the damage deathwing did in certain areas would be cool also.

100% against revamps remasters etc. Either new game built from scratch with new story(presumably bit in future) entirely new leveling experience etc or continuation of the existing model with expansions.

Human brain have strange ability of adapting and that is precisely what would happen if they are to remaster old zones.

Brain would adjust to new graphics maybe even before you finish leveling and sensation would be short lasting.

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‘’ the community ‘’ doesn’t want anything other than m+ or raids. most of them are happy with game having zero open world content. old world needs a revamp for visual update to make it more appealing to other players that don’t play wow . to attract new players & bring back the old ones. a well done revamp & re-design of early game experience could revive the game’s mmo aspect. if you ask the community they’ll say no of course , those people made the game kill everything other than seasonal content.

a brand new mmo would be the best solution here but blizz seems to be not giving up on the old engine yet . unfrotunately.



It always seemed empty, right back in TBC. Add to that no flying and the huge size of it but no real contents. I could never find what I was looking for, particularly the portal. However, to be fair, I haven’t really been back since TBC as my Blood Elf left as soon as she possibly could.