How powerful are the Classes?


Has there ever been a succesful rogue in the lore?

Maybe old school Garona


Garona, Valeera, Sigh Lorash, considering Wardens are closest to rogue class Maiev.

Edit: Lillian all-of-a-sudden-waifu-loyalist Voss.



Valeera yes.
Forgot about her thankfully.

But Lorash died in the end.


By hands of Malf himself. Was brought back IIRC and killed whole Astranaar by himself.



I was the one who sicced him on the unarmed innkeeper, the sleeping woman and the unsuspecting Sentinels. All credit goes to me and me alone for staking out the perfect route around the town.

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Tell that to Fandral and other Druids of the Flame.

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I’d say Warlock, Druid and Mage is clear top 3 at least, followed by Shaman


It would be interesting. Since it may allow us to finally see Mograine fight serious.

He was ranked higher than the horseman, was the only Highlord in the scourge and was able to open a deathgate in the most holy place known to humans, while all other ( even the player ) weren’t even able to move a inch.

But we never see him fight or even use any deathknight abilities.

But at the moment he doesn’t have a real weapon since he gave up the ashbringer and Apokalypse, while Jaina and khadgar are equipped with really strong weapons


Rogues are supposed to be the weakest lorewise…gamewise however…

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All classes are equally powerful- They just excel at different things.

And before anybody says “lol what a generic response”, it isn’t. Power is tied to the setting and the narrative, and while yes a mage like jaina can flatten entire zones under a freezing fog or with an artifact nearly drown an entire city, in another case we have Broxigar the red who slaughters so many demons single handedly their bodies piled into a small mountain, not to mention that he’s one of the only mortals ever in the universe to wound Sargeras- Which is literally the equilevant of an ant damaging a human- Which not even Aegwyn was able to do.

In another case, a warlock like Gul’dan can bring to heel the most powerful demons and chaotic magic to bring destruction to a whole city, while a rogue like Garona can kill even a formidable foe like him before he has even time to react.

I could list all the classes like this but ultimately it is very evident that all the classes, when at the extreme levels, are very close to one another in terms of power- And power, as we know, is one’s ability to influence a situation, an outcome, or a group of people in a desired way. And each of the classes is very well capable of that.


Alternately, you can put it this way:

A class is as powerful as the plot demands.
Which is about the modus operandi for all things Blizzard.

That said, going by narrative, I’d expect Fel and Void users to be somewhat more powerful than comparable users of other powers.
Reason being: They represent the “great power at great risk/cost” trope.

If one could get the same results with a safer power, they’d be a hindrance from a narrative PoV, as it suddenly becomes a strain on the suspension of disbelief to imagine why anyone would bother with them.

Not that I believe Blizzard cares much. Suspension of disbelief is stretched awfully thin as is, for numerous reasons. But oh well >.> That’s a different topic!

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This Bovine fella gets it.

Blizzard even specified such, that ‘Hero’ Classes are not actually -superior- to the other classes, it is just a term used to denote that they start off with a unique starting experience, both of which show events from the past, and that they start at a higher level than ‘non-Hero’ Characters.

The whole thing about range is nonsense, lorewise, hunters, and casters can use their abilities from a lot longer than the paltry distance they can in game. Why? Because Balance. Heck, I could shoot even a rubbish 30 pound longbow further than Hunters in Wow can. If a Hunter wants you dead, and you don’t know they’re there. Then You’re dead, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior, Warlock or Mage. None of your abilities matter a jot, when an arrow can be placed in your brain by someone you can’t see. Yes, a shot to the head will kill even DK’s, I mean it did for Sylvanas that one time, and she is more powerful than a DK.

Does that make Hunters the most powerful? Heck no! It just means that if you are fighting in a way that favours their Skillset, they -will- Outclass you, Same as most Warriors can make mincemeat out of anyone else in close combat, and someone pursued by a determined Death Knight across a field of battle can run, sure, but they’re only going to die Tired. Unlike the Death Knight.

Is a warlock more powerful than a Mage? Gul’dan would say yes, Khadgar and Jaina would say no.

Is a Shaman more powerful than a Mage, because Thrall can halt Jaina’s attempts to flood Orgrimmar even when she had that Focussing Iris?
However she was attempting Elemental magics, and that’s very much a Shaman’s bag.

Could Anduin -really- have smacked down that Troll in the Cinematic? He’s a -Priest!- He can’t (If memory serves, never played Priest) even -use- that Sword…

Can one Shaman’s Lightning bolt drop Genn Greymane?

Its all down to circumstance, both IC, and OOC, as in “What is needed to make Narrative work?” This ranges from the sensible (Vol’jin gets stabbed in the back and poisoned, dying as a result) to the Farcical (Jaina ex Machina boats) But either way, those things cannot happen in game. In game, our characters could shrug off injuries that kill Lore Characters, so it really is down to what -needs- to happen.

Chi does not allow Monks to be uber Melee Fighters either, it is -just- another source of mystical power, same as Rage is, and I pity the fool who doesn’t acknowledge that ‘Rage’ is a power that Warriors can harness to perform supernatural feats.

Every Class, Every Class in WoW has a Supernatural element to it, that lifts them above the common citizens of their faction, Warriors are not just “A Bloke with a sword”, and the Vanilla Guidebook makes that pretty plain.

So yeah, -No- Class is the most powerful, that’s not Blizzard’s intention, and its just not the case…


This was never meant as a serious post, just a bit of fun speculation - in response to those saying all classes are equal. Yes okay. But it’s still fun to speculate.

Brig, I read that monks use Chi to empower their limbs to be as hard as stone. I’d say that’s pretty uber.

I do agree rage is probably more than just rage as we know it though.

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Oh heck yes, in a fist fight against a Monk, you are in some serious trouble, not the least the fact they can punch -through- your armour…But yeah, Circumstantial really, if its a Fist fight, and a monk…Oh boy, you are in a whole world of hurt… I loved the Garrosh vs Taran Zhu cinematic fight prior to SoO, you got to see both kinds of fighting, I still remember Taran Zhu being able to barely -touch the water- but launch himself from it. Good cinematic that…


That’s actually one of my favourite cinematics too.

I’d love to see them expand a bit more but lore wise on ALL the racial power sources. Rage, Chi, Insanity… I suppose the rogues in the recent Safe Haven got some expansion with that stealth.


tbh pick a class and you can make an argument as to how that class can easy viciously stomp another class or how it can be viciously stomped by a different class.

the fact that one has to make these strange scenario that provides an obvious edge to one class despite it seemingly sounding ‘fair’ is not a proper argument. you may as well make arguments of the environment effects happening in that same space as well.

“lol in a field, a mage could easily trump a warrior!”
“ah but what if that field was anti-magic?”

or even…

“a shaman would be useless in a hall!”
“ah but what if that hall had a fountain of water to draw spirits from!”

or something bull like that.


It’s just a bit of fun man.


i mean yes it is, that is what it might have started as, but…

i scroll up and see some of the quite passionate responses.

forgive me if i disagree tbh.


Ah you know as well as I do this is the wow forums. People will get passionate debating over their favourite pizza topping here. Nothing unusual really

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