How powerful are the Classes?


You speak about some exceptions like the Guardian which got extra sources for their power. Do you remember the Lich King. Like this guy just rofl over Dalaran with Frostmorne?


After some re evaluations i have to say that monk indeed does have the edge when it comes to melee they are above warriors, rogues, hunters overall, since they can use chi .


in physical fights I do think all melee classes are strong, whit probably Demonhunters and Deathknights being the strongest.

but shadow priests can if put enough of them, at one point, like looking down from a hill at their enemies, they can mind controll an army to fight eachother instead, realy power full, also they use fear anyone, plus they use skills that afflict physical pains to their opponent, to the extent they can kill you. so they are strong actualy realy strong.

I would also put hunters and shamans high, due to the fact they can spot you from a long distance both of them, knowing you are comming, meening they can abush you anyone at any place, and shooting an arrow do fly way longer than only 40 yards, so one who can aim and shoot can kill anyone before they even know where they are, that is also powerfull in their own way.

same goes for rogue, if they ambush you, you die.

Melees biggest weakness is that you need to be up close and personal, so most ranged if prepared can defend them selfs, realy well, to the extent a melee can not even get close enough to do anything.


Tier 1- Warlock, Mages, Shadow priest (Void magic)

Tier 2 - Deathknight, Demonhunters

Tier 3 - Shamans, Druids (Power is limited and have to operate within moral code)

Tier 4 - Paladins, Priest (who use light).

Tier 5 - Hunter, Monks

Tier 6 - Warrior, rogues


Rogues are OP. Stealth stab stab anyone. Slit the throat and any OP mage or Warlock does the deed.

Rogues only nemesis is Direction Posters and Saurfangs hands!


People still ranking Demon Hunters above shamans.



Because Demon kink


Rogues suck too ya know.

Couldn’t even kill an unarmed warrior and depowered shaman.
Truly worst.


I know right. And Sylvanas calls them her best assassins. Take some example from Orcs and Blood Elves or Night Elves.


Has there ever been a succesful rogue in the lore?

Maybe old school Garona


Garona, Valeera, Sigh Lorash, considering Wardens are closest to rogue class Maiev.

Edit: Lillian all-of-a-sudden-waifu-loyalist Voss.



Valeera yes.
Forgot about her thankfully.

But Lorash died in the end.


By hands of Malf himself. Was brought back IIRC and killed whole Astranaar by himself.



I was the one who sicced him on the unarmed innkeeper, the sleeping woman and the unsuspecting Sentinels. All credit goes to me and me alone for staking out the perfect route around the town.

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Tell that to Fandral and other Druids of the Flame.

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I’d say Warlock, Druid and Mage is clear top 3 at least, followed by Shaman


It would be interesting. Since it may allow us to finally see Mograine fight serious.

He was ranked higher than the horseman, was the only Highlord in the scourge and was able to open a deathgate in the most holy place known to humans, while all other ( even the player ) weren’t even able to move a inch.

But we never see him fight or even use any deathknight abilities.

But at the moment he doesn’t have a real weapon since he gave up the ashbringer and Apokalypse, while Jaina and khadgar are equipped with really strong weapons


Rogues are supposed to be the weakest lorewise…gamewise however…

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All classes are equally powerful- They just excel at different things.

And before anybody says “lol what a generic response”, it isn’t. Power is tied to the setting and the narrative, and while yes a mage like jaina can flatten entire zones under a freezing fog or with an artifact nearly drown an entire city, in another case we have Broxigar the red who slaughters so many demons single handedly their bodies piled into a small mountain, not to mention that he’s one of the only mortals ever in the universe to wound Sargeras- Which is literally the equilevant of an ant damaging a human- Which not even Aegwyn was able to do.

In another case, a warlock like Gul’dan can bring to heel the most powerful demons and chaotic magic to bring destruction to a whole city, while a rogue like Garona can kill even a formidable foe like him before he has even time to react.

I could list all the classes like this but ultimately it is very evident that all the classes, when at the extreme levels, are very close to one another in terms of power- And power, as we know, is one’s ability to influence a situation, an outcome, or a group of people in a desired way. And each of the classes is very well capable of that.


Alternately, you can put it this way:

A class is as powerful as the plot demands.
Which is about the modus operandi for all things Blizzard.

That said, going by narrative, I’d expect Fel and Void users to be somewhat more powerful than comparable users of other powers.
Reason being: They represent the “great power at great risk/cost” trope.

If one could get the same results with a safer power, they’d be a hindrance from a narrative PoV, as it suddenly becomes a strain on the suspension of disbelief to imagine why anyone would bother with them.

Not that I believe Blizzard cares much. Suspension of disbelief is stretched awfully thin as is, for numerous reasons. But oh well >.> That’s a different topic!