How to deal with Sylvanas

(Svetä) #1

The way things are now, Sylvanas can’t possibly stay Warchief. With Saurfang, Baine and soon Lorthemar and Thrall all turning on her, it’s obvious that SOMETHING is going to happen. The question is what.

Personally, I can think of 3 ways this situation could be dealt with

  1. Sylvanas was good the entire time
    I really hope this doesn’t happen, but it’s very possible.
    I.e. they could reveal that all of this uselessly evil stuff she’s pulled throughout BfA was just a means to draw out N’zoth so that she can deal with him in some way - like sealing him in Xal’atath’s now-empty dagger.
    I could see this scenario ending with her stepping down as Warchief but remaining active within the Horde

  2. She’s in league with N’zoth and we have to get rid of her
    Supposedly, undead are resistant to the void, but they could always establish a limit to this resistance. This would explain why she had us free Ashvane and why she was so giddy about receving Xal’atath.
    This would likely end with her getting properly killed off, sealed within Xal’atath herself or perhaps coming back to her senses and sacrificing herself to stop N’zoth

  3. She was always only out for herself and the Forsaken
    I.e. she started the war with the Alliance so she’d have more corpses to raise as Forsaken, etc. In this scenario, Xal’atath and Ashvane would likely be written off as tools she attempted to use to win the war, not as indications of her being legitimately on the N’zoth’s side.
    If this comes to pass, I could see Sylvanas leaving the Horde and forming her own (non-player) faction of undead, along with most of the Forsaken NPCs

What do you think?
Personally, I feel like number 1 is the most likely, though I hope and pray that the story doesn’t go that way. Number 3 would probably be the best compromise between fans and haters of her character, even if it would be a tad boring.


I will let blizzard deal with her while I follow the current blood elf leader .
But if u ask me I see number 2 option to be more feasible .


How to deal with Sylvanas?

A long drop with a sudden stop.

(Hínáta) #4

I’d like a more interesting route than the usual predictable.

For instance, she actually wins, players that chose loyalist quests are made her champions, players that chose to betray her are forced to stay in hiding, serve her, or act as her servants.

Or she could win, but it turns out that winning didn’t fulfil all she wants, and she gets into a fight with N’zoth / Void / Whatever.

Or the horde tries to do a rebellion like they did Garrosh, and she simply gives up her position and disappears to somewhere unknown.

Tbh atm I actually want blizzard for once to make the story of BFA atleast unpredictable for once.

The start of the expansion and everything has been guessed correctly all the time.

(Someoneelse) #5

I think however this ends it was decided by Blizzard (literally) years ago. I’m just going to sit back an watch the chaos.


I bet she isn’t going anywhere for good. She is however due a vacation.


i still cant reconsile with the fact that Nathanos and other undead, who are rotting corpses, still haven’t melted to the Zuldazar sun.

I guess Sylvanas can have sick air conditioning at warchiefs hall, but these ones standing in the open and baking on the sun confuse me.

(Minria) #8

What shall we do with a crazy banshee,
What shall we do with a crazy banshee,
What shall we do with a crazy banshee,
Early in the morning?

Weigh heigh and dead she rises
Weigh heigh and dead she rises
Weigh heigh and dead she rises
Early in the morning

Sorry I had to do this.


Imagine being Horde , having Sylvanas as Warchief and you are such a nobrain you want to kick/kill her to replace her with any of the 2 options below :

  • Saurfang
  • Baine

After 8 years as pure Horde , what a great timing to reroll everythin into Alliance.

This faction gonna turn into a hippie clownfiesta with all that ‘‘peacekeeping’’ crap from that soft orc and the hamburger.
I mean Baine.


but we have a new green mean Spoiler coming back soon :slight_smile:


What are you talkin about ?

(Friscie) #12

Thrall? I think

this one, ye


Sylvanas > any of these peacekeepin hippies anyway

(Tèsla) #15


Wow, I do like Sylv and can’t wait till she and Bolvar will ride together to save azerothians from tentacle monster, but
Thrall is the man the myth the legend <3


No you did not. I cringed so hard…

(Minria) #18

*putting chalk mark on the board* Another victory for the Alliance!


Alololiance wins by making opponent cringe?
Truer words have never been spoken

(Steala) #20

She will turn into Kerrigan 2.0 or Garrosh 2.0. One way or another, she will probably be gone after this expansion.