How to deal with Sylvanas

(Minria) #21

First they laugh at you then they cringe at you and then Blizzard creates deus ex machina and you win.
In terms of the lore only.
You still get inferior mounts, races and armor design.
And your victory is then retconned.


thats what matters at the end of the day /’

  1. Get her drunk
  2. Toss her into a coffin and wrap it in heavy iron chains
  3. Bury the coffin 15 meters under ground
  4. Sit down and pop a cold one with your boy Lor’themar


Yeah right… if blizzard was to pull that i would put the company on the boycott shelf right next to EA.
There is only so much bs my stomach can take and after the horde was literally gutted of any personality, agency, culture and selfawareness for the sake of putting that undead bimbo behind the steering wheel, the last thing i would accept is a forsaken child burning mass murderer who retroactively broke the established personalities of a dozen races to be paraded around as the second coming of Christ.

Im not joking.
We all struggle with content drought and the fact that they forgot how to make a game that is fun, but if they pull that off, then the gloves are off. An outcome like that would mean that they are completely beyond help now and use the entire lore of WoW as toilet paper for their obscene little fanfic stories of wannabe GoT.


i am reading supernatural vibes all along this reciepe.
Lor’themar is Sammy, am i right?


That’s a hard question, on one hand he’s cool like Dean, but keeps a cool head like Sam.

(Svetä) #27

Unfortunately, we do have precedent for this happening. It’s the edgy purple elephant in Legion’s room - Illidan.
A character that was portrayed as unambiguously evil, giving the good guys every reason to oppose them. But later, they reveal that the character was doing what’s best for the world the whole time, and the good guys were really really dumb for opposing them.

This is outcome is the worst case scenario IMO, but it’s still very possible, given that this entire expansion is one giant “worst case scenario”


Whos just like those 2 as well


that happened in 10-12 years ago :joy: when wotlk ended and when belfs were added to the horde


Careful with these words about Belfs.

Female belfs are love
Female belfs are life


The Horde I was part of

Never forget, one day ill return home

(Teknetia) #32

Sylvanas reveals her face is actually a mask. She takes off the mask and it turns out it was Garrosh all along!

“It’s me Azeroth!”

“Aw son of a b****”


Blood Elves, especially the females, look ridiculous compared to the other races of the Horse and are nothing more than superficial Junkies.

(Xythel) #34




Is it not obvious how we deal with her?

(Bairen) #36

Random ridiculous “theory”:

Old God cultist Nathanos is MC’ing her, he’s the true evil we have to kill.

Please? I just want to kill Nathanos.


Yeah, he is a bit of a berk.

(Lepanto) #38

Best scenario : Right or wrong she wins. Since history is written by the victors future generations hail her as the rescuer of the horde in troubled times

Two centuries later the pyres burning the traitors finally are but warm coals and we have a barbecue.

The end.

(Henoriel) #39

One doesn’t deal with Sylvie, one lets Sylvie deal with them.


Nothing happens at all. The sword is pulled from Azeroth by some Draenei guy and this sends the whole planetary system into reverse spin sending time backward to the very point you all get a chance to kill that Stormrage guy from Legion [ thinks … could be another god boss ]. And so BfA didn’t happen, it was all a bad dream … phew. Thank goodness for that.

Sylvanas and Jaina have a wild pyjama party and we are all invited to watch.

The end.

Final scene of the expansion shows that Dwarf guy in Silithus standing alone and left to rot scratching his head in a barren open fly infested desert … murmering ’ Anyone fancy a pint … has anyone seen my phone.’