How to fix Season 4 m+

Remove upper and lower karazhan and the stars in iron docks and replace them with Plaguefall, Halls of Atonement and Necrotic Wake without the covenant bonuses. Season 4 solved now you can go back to working on dragonflight :slight_smile:

With or without covenant bonuses, I think it’ll feel very out of place to launch entire dungeons at the ID trash instead of the stars. I think the stars should stay.

Or - listen to this very radical ideas - people can learn how to do mechanics in there in +2 then learn how to do S4 not S2 DPS and suddently those dungeons are Fun .

I know crazy idea :slight_smile:

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Are the only reason the dungeon is doable…

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No thanks we wasted enough time with the garbage shadowlands dungeons.

Idk learning new dungeons from m+ i think is just a bad idea overall. It causes so many wipes and therefore depleted keys. If you wipe in an m0 or heroic dungeon its no biggie just communicate what went wrong and try again. If youve leveld and you have done the dungeons on normal, then heroic, and then mythic you have gotten alot of exeperience and a good understanding of the dungeons at a slow pace so that you then can go to m+.

How to fix M+…

  1. Make M+ Gearing the same as or very close to Mythic Fated Raid drops so people dont have to wait months to years for RNG and a full set to get high enough ilvl to be accepted into Fated Heroic because they want 300+ for SL Fated Heroic because no reason. (Raids should be an option not be forced in order to get BIS and drop lower gear than the ilvl people accept for it, hence having Dungeon+ Raid builds)

  2. Read above.

My point with the stars was that i think blizzard designed Iron docks thinking that everyone was gonna utilize the stars to 110% so the timer is therefore very tight. But most people dont know how to properly do stars for reasons i gave in my other reply. A proper solution wouldnt be to just straight up remove them but maybe implement some target cap or something.

Yeah. The reason i hate this dungeon. I have also no influence on it as healer.
Honestly also no idea how to do it well. We have scienced it a lot. But we are just bad, i guess. So it is a dungeon to avoid. Dead key.

How to fix season 4 m+.

Delete it and go back to s3.

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There is one (15). And AFAIK, the timer is considered tight even with optimized star usage.

If by (15) you mean mob target cap per star that is one way to do it but a better one would be to restrict the total amount you can hit with all of the stars.

season 4 done it dead move on dragon flight hope better

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