How to get elite set s4?
so i’ve saw a player wearing the elite priest shoulders (not transmog) but im not sure how do you get those? is it a vendor that i haven’t seen?

That elite blue set for priests is from season 2. If you haven’t achieved that back in s2, sadly you can’t get it thanks to Blizzard. This season, you can only get a green one. Speaking of elite sets, you can get the elite one from S3 if you already haven’t.

You can still get the tier pieces for it, you still get the item from doing aberrus on heroic that you can use to buy the elite parts from the vendor. Though, that requires a new priest for every piece.

The new season 4 vendors don’t sell the elite set tho, unless i missed it? They only sell the ugly conquest one not the blue one

No, but the old one in zaralek caverns do.

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Ah aight so you have to do a full aberrus heroic raid with 4 priests to get the 4 tier set pieces and you can’t even get the full elite set, sounds fun xd

well the point of these sets is that they are season specific, nothing to do with anything else

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