How to get payback on Blizzard


Waah waah muh name


We are not salty that someone else got the name, we are salty because of the un-fair advantage.

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So you are angry that you where not able to reserve a name on a server you will not be playing on?

If you only reserve the name for the character you will be playing then this whole name reservation would be less of an issue.

You do not “own” a name and disallow other to use that name on an other server.


^ This

I am not complaining about not getting my name. I am complaining I didn’t have the chance because they didn’t remove the limit like they said they would!


It is removed. Now shhhht.

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But the limit affected everyone with three characters… how is it unfair?


Because we expected to be able to create more than 3 characters at the same time the new servers hit.


It is unfair because they had said that they were going to remove the character limit at this time and the extra realms were a bonus! Not the other way around!

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But… who gained the advantage?


God shut up…


Blizzard financially, because I subbed for a game 2 weeks earlier.

Sorry to say it, I don’t like retail. It ruined the game. Which is why I was hyped for Classic and they have messed it up.

We think we do, but we don't!

You guys (kids really) suck so much. I really hope that people like you cancel your subscriptions immediately and never ever re-subscribe.

Just go to bed already and cry yourself to sleep.

OMG CHARACTER LIMIT WAS LIFTED 20 MINUTES LATE :rage::sob::rage::sob::sob::sob::rage::sob::sob:


I personally dont care, but isnt it obvious? the people who only subscribed 1 minute before they added the new servers gained the advantage. because they had 0 characters made at that point

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You settled for “Sammyknight” so your opinion is invalid


You got 3 names already. No one cares about your problem…


The sheer amount of QQ right now is just mind-blowing.
People need to read what they pay for, because if they did, they’d realize that they got EXACTLY that.

Besides, we’re talking about €7 or something …? It’s what hipsters pay for a coffee on starbucks now a’days - at least your bloody toon’s name will last longer.


Ummm, no.

10 Chars.


Fact that you have to start making fun of a name I chose, says more about you than me.

Point is, being annoyed that you didnt get a name you want, and that Blizzard SHOULD give free game time is stupid.

Nobody forced you guys to sub 3 weeks early just to reserve 3 names. If you think crying and complaining will you get everything handed in Classic, this game will not be for you.


Psh you’re literally an undead death knight named death, sure haven’t seen that combo 100 times before, at least Sammy has a sense of personality ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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