How to get Stay Classy guild achievement?

Hey guys, my guild is trying to get the Stay Classy achievement and I have a problem I’d like some help with.

My guild needs the “Classy Draenei” achievement and one of the classes we don’t have is shaman. I happened to have a level 111 Draenei shammy so I offered to join in and level up until 120. In addition the achievement also requires you to be “Honored” with your guild and I am exalted. Problem is, once I got to max level, the achievement didn’t mark the progress.

Does anyone know what I did wrong? Was the character too high level when I joined? It’s not a boosted character, I leveled it up normally during legion. If anyone knows the answer, I’d be grateful.

@Shann: Since the Armory does not allow me to see all details… could you go into your guild achievements and look, whether there is a requirement of level 12055 (yes, 12 thousand 55) for your class? Because when I look, I see 5 classes at 120/120, one at 110/120, one at 0/120 and one at 120/12055. If that is actually correct, then the achievement is massively bugged and needs fixing by Blizzard…


Sorry, but I don’t quite understand where exactly I’m supposed to look. When I look up the “Classy Draenei” achievement it only says: “Reach max level on each of the Draenei classes listed below”. I don’t see any number-trackers.

@Shann: Go to the Armory page of your guild, then pick Achivements, then pick General, scroll until you see Classy Draenei (slightly grayed since your guild does not have it) and click on it.

You should see five full green bars showing 120/120, one mostly green bar showing 110/120, one empty bar showing 0/120 and if it is bugged as I think it is, you should also see an almost empty bar with 120/12055.

You are correct. There is one bar that’s 120/12055.

@Shann: So, it IS bugged. File a bug report, in game and copy the address of this conversation in to the report for reference. Unfortunately, after that you will just have to wait until Blizzard comes up with fix. Sorry that I can not help more, I am just another player… :frowning:

Thanks for your help. At least now I know the answer.

@Shann: bows, salutes Additional note: I checked a couple of guilds I have Draenei in… in all cases, there is one entry that ends in 12055… and it is naturally impossible to reach level 12055… deep sigh My suspicion is that the error snook in when they updated the level requirements and since many guilds already had level 110 shaman earlier, the error was missed.

If any community blue happens to see this thread and has more (better) advice for Shann, please share. Thank you!


I know this is a bit late but what does it say ingame on the achievements?

The website could just be a typo.

@Dottie: From the initial post I think the shaman is not ticked while some other classes are and that is how the problem was noticed. Which leads me to think it is a backend typo / bug and needs minor recoding to fix.

Thanks for the report Shann, and Trelw for helping narrow things down. A bug report would be the way to go for this one, so thanks for submitting that!

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