How to make WOW even better! ver 2

(Justicer) #1

This is a long long list i made on my spare time and will update it when i find the need to

I realize some of these ideas are far fetched, but this post is mainly done to fantasize on a better future and to reduce this amount of frustration i feel


  • Each region will now have one mega server for Americas, Europe and Asia
  • With the use of smart sharding technology, the server will know to place players from the same guild in the same shard, and players with the same global proximity on the same shard

Leveling and Quests
Questing and leveling a character is now completely revamped:

  • Questing is now much harder and inexperienced players and even skilled players will find themselves looking for help from other players in order to advance the zone
  • Heirlooms don’t give experience boost anymore
  • Each zone in the map will now be an “open world scenario”, that will streamline the main story in each zone like in the Tanaan Jungle introduction scenario in WoD or the Worgen starting questing zone, each zone will receive many cutscenes and voice-overs to make it more engaging
  • After completing a zone’s story the player will receive an Achievement and a 3% passive experience percentage boost, shared account wide, up to 250% more experience
    -note: this will make players who level up go to different areas to experience the story and scenery and the world will be much more alive then it is now
  • After completing a zone the player will unlock a permanent account-wide power or cosmetic rewards
  • While completing these “open world scenarios”, objectives will unlock as the player progress through the zone, allowing the player to choose to do more stuff for experience or to choose to just move on with the story
  • The new leveling and questing system will be focused more on the story and the player as a hero and a champion and the player will feel less like a janitor that is picking poop and leaves of the floor
  • Reaching max level will eventually be much faster, as the player experienced the story parts of the game already and is ready to advance forward
  • Players can now complete quests while in a raid group as long as there are no more then 4 other players in a distance of 100 yards from the player

Gear :

  • World Bosses item drops will now be on par with the current loot that drops from the most recent normal difficulty tier
  • Bonus Roll on an item chance is increased but the item received can no longer be Warforged
  • Rings and Necklaces once again have Primary Stats, Secondary Stats on rings and necklaces reduced as a result
  • Chance to get a socket on an item is removed, Professions will now provide the options to socket items
  • Removed “wrist” slot from the game, all currently existing wrists will be categorized as hands and the stat values on the changed items will change to “Hands” stat values
  • Relics removed from the game and no longer drop or awarded
  • Remove “Tabard” and “Shirt” slots from the game, added a new tab in collections called “Cosmetic”.
  • tabards, shirts and “Cosmetic” items are now learn-able similar to toys and account bound and will appear under the “Cosmetic” tab. Clicking on collected shirt/tabard/cosmetic will activate the item and the player can always choose to enable or disable them without cost
  • Updated character UI to reflect the new changes and to fit more modern designs
  • Removed the Titanforged possibility from the game, only Warforged for up to +15 ilvl remain
  • World Quests that offer gear will now be more considerate to the ilvl of the player and will offer gear no less than -15 ilvl of the players average
  • Legacy Legendary items can now be learned and turned into heirlooms
  • these special heirlooms Legendary abilities will only work in the level range they were obtained from, after that (if the player have upgraded them) they will keep grow with the player but the abilities will deactivate (I.E. [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker], will require level 51 to wield, and the special effect will last from level 51 to level 69, at level 70 and above the special effect will deactivate, [Shadowmourn], will require level 71 to wield, and the special effect will last from level 71 to level 89, at level 90 and above the special effect will deactivate)
  • Newly received Legion Artifacts are now considered Heirlooms but cannot be learned or traded and can only be obtained from doing the Legion introduction quests.[Exisiting Artifacts will remain as they are]
  • The Legion Artifacts will scale up to level 110


  • Specializations have been removed
  • Current talent and skills system revamped
  • All Basic skills are now learned by the time the player reach level 10
  • Many skills currently in the game have been removed and baked into the basic skills, the player can recreate the current skills by customizing the basic skills with Talents
  • After level 10, the player will unlock new Talents for skills every level
  • The new Talents are modifiers for current abilities, all modifiers are passives that changes how the skill works in a fundamental way
  • There are many Talents to choose for every skill and modify how the skill perform and look visually
  • The player can choose for every skill 2 Gameplay Talents and 1 Cosmetic Talent
  • Power Talents may include a large variety of buffs and nerfs to the current skill, which in turn allows the player to customize their character the best way they see fit and to whichever role the player desires, Hybrid roles are a thing again.
  • Talents can give the chosen skill abilities such as increased range, apply a debuff, healing a friendly target instead damaging an enemy, reduced CD or GCD, increased Resource gain etc…

– For example: before any changes
[Crusader Strike]
Melee Range
Instant 6 sec recharge
1 Charges
Requires Melee Weapon
Strike the target for (76.5% of Attack power) Physical damage.
Generates one Holy Power

Gameplay Talents available: (placeholder names)

  1. Shocking - Crusader Strike now have a 40 yard range and can also heal a friendly target but deals 20% less damage or healing
  2. Mocking - Crusader Strike now generates high threat and have 2 charges
  3. Sanctified - Crusader Strike Now applies a stacking damaging/healing DoT/HoT to the target but deals 10% less damage or healing
  4. Bulwark - Crusader Strike now applies an absorb shield to the caster
  5. Assaulting - Crusader Strike now has 15 yard range and the caster charges to the target, Cooldown increased by 4 seconds
  6. Cleaving - Crusader Strike now strikes two additional targets withing 5 yards for 30% damage or healing, but primary damage is reduced by 20%
  7. Inspiring - Crusader Strike now generates an additional Holy Power but Cooldown is increased by 4 seconds
  8. Consecrating - Crusader Strike now drop a pool of consecrated light below the caster, damaging/healing all enemies/friendlies within, but no longer generates Holy Power

Cosmetic Talents:

  1. Fire - Crusader Strike now have a fiery visual
  2. Lightning - Crusader Strike now have a Lightning visual
  3. Blood - Crusader Strike now have a bloody visual
  • Cosmetic talents are more scarce and harder to obtain than Power Talents, they are not obtainable from leveling but from doing hard activities within the game, they are similar to the Warlock Felfire in the way that they change the visual aspect of the skill, for example a Paladin with Fire Wings instead of Holy Wings
  • Gear can now have multiple Primary Stats
  • Primary stats are now viable to all classes and give bonuses to abilities that complement them
  • Strength now also increases AP and Melee Critical Strike damage, Intellect now also increases SP and Spell Critical Strike Damage and Healing, Agility now increases AP and reduce GCD all these changes for for all classes
  • Global cooldown will no longer be affected by Haste Rating(abilities like Bloodlust still work), Haste Rating effects on abilities with reduced cooldowns are now increased to compensate
  • Versatility is removed from the game
  • Indestructible is removed from the game
  • Bonus stats(speed, avoidance, or leech) now have a larger chance to apply to gear and will not add the “Warforged” tag to the item


  • Racial combat active abilities of all races in one faction can now be unlocked by any player and the player can switch between his racial ability to a different racial ability
  • In order to unlock racial abilities the player will have to level up that race to a max level on a character, and visit the embassy in a capital city and talk to the emissary of that race
  • A UI will open which will show all the available Racials and the player will be able to choose a different active Racial instead the one the player currently have


  • Once a player reaches exalted with a faction, the reward and reputation for completing world quests for that faction will increase by 10%, each Paragon the player achieve will increase the rewards by additional 10%, up to 150% total increase.
  • At level 15 paragon the player will max his standing with the faction and will receive a mount and an achievement
  • Paragon reputation will be account bound, meaning that once an Alt achieved exalted status with a faction, the Alt will now contribute to the total paragon reputation on that account


  • Toys tab will now have a category list, for example cosmetic costumes, utility, player interaction etc…
  • All toys under the same category will now have the same duration and the same cooldown, for example, transformation toys will now all have 30 minute duration and one hour cooldown

Mounts :

  • Players will now no longer be dismounted from Daze
  • Players can now mount while in combat with increased cast time of 3 seconds
  • Mounts with different skins on the same model will now consolidate to one mount, and by clicking on a mount with different colors will open up a mini window that is showing the player which color tint to choose from, similar to how artifact skins appeared to the player.
  • Locked mount skins will tell the player where and how to get that mount skin
  • The player will have an option to switch back to the previous viewing mode
  • Mounts will now have categories similar to hunter pets, each category will grant a different one passive trait and one active ability, and a third cosmetic ability (/mountspecial) unique to that mount. The new special abilities will be bound to a new action bar button.
    Passive abilities
    – immunity to Dazed
    – 20% speed increase
    –100% swim increase
    – Instant mounting(1.5 seconds while in combat)
    – Water Walking
    Active abilities
    –extra X% mounted speed for X seconds
    –Stealth for X Seconds
    – Leap
  • None of these abilities, passive or active, will work inside instances
  • Players can now use Teleportation abilities such as Hearthstone or Mage teleport while mounted

Character Customization
Character Creation and Customization completely revamped! players now have the following options:

  • Adjust height and width of the character
  • Adjust facial appearance - Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Eyebrows, Chin, Jaw etc…
  • Customize paint and tattoos on body for all races
  • Many more colors for Hair
  • Colors for each eye separately
    – all adjustments will be within the acceptable range for that race and will not allow ridiculous modifications that do not fit the world fantasy
  • The new models will have a new skeleton system that allow Ragdoll physics to apply to characters and clothes and not only Weapons
  • Players can now customize the way they idley hold weapons and have much more position varieties


  • Most Currencies are now account bound
  • Maximum gold is per account and is 999,999,999 gold(999million)
  • Opposite faction currency will convert each time the player log in to a different faction
  • Currencies that allows the player to bonus roll on an item are not account bound

Auction House

  • The Auction House has been completely revamped!!!
  • Each server will have its own Auction House
  • Players can now post items for 7 days up from 48 hours
  • There is no option to bid anymore
    – To receive gold from sold item the player will have to talk to the auctioneer
    – To sell an item the seller will need to place the item in the Auction House, the system will then suggest to the seller an average price for that item, the seller will then have to decide if he/she wants to sell at a higher or lower amount then the average
    – If the seller posted a stack of multiple items and only a portion was sold, the seller will receive the gold amount for that portion of items and the rest will continue to be posted until sold or canceled
    – Players will no longer see separate stacks and the seller of an item, if the player want to buy an item, there will be a detailed search filter allowing the player to find exactly what he/she is looking for
    – Upon choosing an item, the game will suggest the buyer the average amount that item is sold for, the player can then suggest a lower or higher price then what is suggested by the system
    – If a seller is found within the buyout parameters the buyer placed, the buyer will instantly receive the item for the amount he/she offered (and some left over change of gold if the offered gold was more then the item worth), if a seller is not found, then the buyer will have to wait until the item is on the market or increase the amount of gold offered
  • The system will know based on players pricing of items to lower or increase the average suggested to players
  • Prices are partly governed by the laws of supply and demand
    – if an item’s demand is higher than supply, then its price will increase.
    – If an item’s supply is higher than demand, then its price will decrease.
    – If an item’s demand matches its supply, then its price will not change.


  • Players can now choose to hide Chest and Gloves and Boots as well
  • Players can now choose the color tint of every item in the game as they please
  • Some items will allow up to three Color tints
  • Items with the same model will now consolidate to one item, and by clicking on an item will open up a mini window that is showing the player which color tint to choose from

Expansion features

  • New “pets” will be sold in the Garrison, Class Hall, Boralus ship and Zandalar ship, these will be named something like “Class Hall Herald” and will simply allow players to start and end missions by talking to these “pets” after summoned, which in turn will open the corresponding mission UI.
    Island Expedition
  • Each NPC group in the Island Expeditions will now have a special Reputation bar called “Infamy”, these Infamy reputation are the opposite of the “buddy” reputation like the Tillers or Broken Isle Fisherman have, but they work in a similar way
  • By slaying enemies in an Island Expedition, the player will get infamy reputation points, the infamy bar will slowly fill up until the player will reach the next rank, there are 8 ranks, similar to the brawlers guild ranks
  • With each rank the player unlocks, the player will get the option to purchase items specific to that faction for Doubloons, at the maximum rank the player will be able to purchase the mount of that faction
  • There are 27 enemy groups to for the player to gain infamy with
  • Rewards can still drop randomly

Pet Battles

  • Pet-charms are now an account bound currency
  • Connecting back after disconnecting in a middle of Pet Battles will now return the player to the exact stage the player was in. If the player connected on a different character, his active pet battle on his other character will be forfeited
  • Master Pet Train(2000-3000 total wins/ 300+ pets at level 25 etc…) will have an option to speed up pet battles animations by 50%
  • It is not possible to deal or receive Critical Strikes in pet battles anymore, unless there is a specific buff that increases Critical Strike chance
  • a new Pet Battles application for you phone
  • The application will include features such as completing pet-battles daily challenges, competing in PVP mode, earning pet charms, leveling up, exclusive rewards and more
  • The App will have a Free to Play features as well and will not require new players to have a subscription
  • Having a subscription will add many features not available to F2P players


  • Engineers will have the ability to deploy a mole machine to summon an ally, they will need the aid of two friends to be able to construct it.
  • Shamans can now summon the elements in order to summon an ally, they will need the aid of two friends to channel that power.
  • Guild Capes are now a utility category toys and no longer requires the player actually equipping them
  • Rings that teleports the player (such as [Ring of the Kirin Tor], [Violet Seal of the Grand Magus] etc…) are now a utility category toys and no longer requires the player actually equipping them

Dungeons and Raids
Mythic+ dungeons

  • Chests at the end of Mythic+20 and above will have a low chance of containing Transmog items and mounts from previous expansions, higher difficulties increases the chance to get, these items will be soulbound and can not be traded.

Legacy Raids and Dungeons:

  • All legacy raids and dungeons will now only have one difficulty and one flexible raid size of 10-25 players when entered manually or through the LFR NPC, and all items will drop on that difficulty, similar to Ulduar right now, the highest difficulty of the raid/dungeon will apply
  • Legacy Raids and dungeons will no longer have a locked lockout and players will be able to repeat encounter but with no loot, similar to what LFR, Normal and HC modes are now on Live
  • Rings, Necklaces and Trinkets have been removed from Legacy raids and will now be sold by a special merchant at Capital Cities for a hefty amount of gold after the player has killed the final boss in that raid

Large Dungeons and raids

  • Players can now mount in most of the large Instanced on places where they previously could not such as Black Temple, Icecrown Citadel, Dire Maul etc…

  • Many big dungeons now have a portal system in place that unlocks after you kill bosses to allow player faster travel after dying, similar to how the Deadmines and the Stonecore dungeons work

    Blackfathom Deeps

  • The altars after killing a bonus boss that grants a buff, now stack and also increase movement speed by 20% for the duration
    Shadowfang Keep

  • The werewolf NPC that opens doors now move much faster

  • The health of many trash mobs has been reduced

  • The health of many trash mobs has been reduced
    The Culling of Stratholme

  • A new option to talk to Chromie at the start of the dungeon to teleport to the city and skip all the Role-play has been added
    Mount Hyjal

  • Time between Waves decreased to 20 seconds

  • After killing the last boss in each camp, a portal will open to the next camp
    Black Temple

  • There will now be a portal to take the player directly to The Sanctuary of Shadows(Inner Black Temple)

  • Only The Shade of Akama and Gorefiend are need to be killed in order to open the door to the last 3 encounters

  • Players can now Jump down from the Balcony after killing Gorefiend

  • The transporter at the start of the entrance can now take players directly to the Antechamber of Ulduar

  • The transporter at the start of the entrance can now take players directly to the Upper Spire

  • It is now required to only kill Shannox and Baleroc in order to create the bridge that leads to Staghelm
    Dragon Soul

  • The transporter at the start of the entrance can now take players directly to the upper platform to Talk to Kalecgos to open the portal to Hagara

  • Kalecgos and Thrall now have an option to skip conversations and role play and get right to the action

  • the amount of Twilght Drakes required to kill in order to activate Ultraxion has been reduced in half

  • On the Spine of Deathwing Encounter, Corrupted Bloods now spawn twice as often
    Throne of Thunder

  • There will now be a portal to take the player directly to Durumu the Forgotten room
    Siege of Orgrimmar

  • There will now be a portal to take the player directly to The Cleft Of Shadow room before the battle with General Nazgrim
    Hellfire Citadel

  • The first encounter: Hellfire Assault now can be done with one player in the instance, amount of damage done by cannons now scale to player level and deal significantly more damage at lvl 120

All Raids and Dungeons

  • There is now a portal to the start of an instance at the end of every dungeon if there isn’t already
  • Summoning Stones have moved inside the dungeon/raid rather then out
  • At the entrance to every boss room in a raid there should now be a small lighted zone which will clear debuffs like Heroism and recharge players long Cooldowns, as long as the boss is alive and the player is not in combat
  • Quests inside 5 man Dungeons are converted into repeatable bonus objectives, automatically picked by players entering, items rewarded from these quests have been added to the loot table of bosses in the dungeon
  • Completing a bonus objective rewards the group with extra experience
  • Any optional boss in a dungeon is now considered a bonus objective and will reward significantly more experience from killing it


  • A new calendar is implemented to fit the entire screen and show much more information
  • An option to switch from month to week to day view on the calendar to view in much more detail event that transpiring in that particular time
  • UI is improved on event creation, allowing the player to create and organize events with much more ease
  • A player that has been invited to an event can see and accept the invite on any character on the player’s account, the character that is appeared to have accepted will always be the character that got invited
  • There is an option to invite real ID friends
  • Players can now create realm wide events, to see this events the player will need to click a special icon on the day in the calendar to see all the events in that day on that server. these realm events will have many features designed to invite players to the optimal event with filters like ilvl requirement, PVP rating requirements, level requirements etc…


  • Secondary Professions are now account bound
  • All Secondary Professions achievements and their progress are now account bound
  • Underlight Angler is now a Heirloom artifact and can be created and progressed by any character above level 100 on the account
  • Increased Archaeology dig sites available in each continent:
    4 more in Eastern Kingdoms to a maximum of 8
    4 more in Eastern Kingdoms to a maximum of 8
    2 more in Outland to a maximum of 6
    2 more in Northrend to a maximum of 6
    2 more in Pandaria to a maximum of 6
    2 more in Draenor to a maximum of 6
  • Artifacts created in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor can now be made into [Restored Artifact] Crates
  • Engineering is now a secondary profession, any equipable gear the player can make with Engineering is now Bind on Equip and can be traded, but requires a corresponding primary profession in order to create and equip, for example: Plate goggles will require Blacksmithing and Engineering at a certain skill level and Cloth goggles will require Tailoring and Engineering.
  • ALL professions are now a viable option to choose: Leatherworkers can now make hand sockets, Blacksmiths can now make belt sockets, Tailors can now create cloak sockets, all are tradeable
  • Player can now make items from other primary professions through a special NPC located in player hubs for a small fee
    – Only if they unlocked the recipe on another character
    – Only if the item is tradeable
    – Recipes that allow creation of an item and have a cooldown can not be made on any character, only the character with the profession can make it


  • Achievements now have ranking instead of points: one star, two stars and three stars. harder achievements will reward 3 stars, trivial achievements will reward one star etc…
  • The player will now see on the achievements UI, the amount of achievements from each category of difficulty(i.e. 25 ***, 178 **, 549 *) as well the amount of FoS and the amount of legacy Achievements
  • Earning achievements with an alt while the player already have it on the main character will now not be displayed on the guild chat


  • Ilvl of players in Timewalking instances is now set to the maximum ilvl that was available in that expansion(i.e. Instead 73 ilvl average in Burning Crusade Timewalking players will have 92 average Ilvl which is available in Sunwell plateau)
  • Timewalking now last the entire month, the weekly quest is now monthly and the Timewalking subject is replaced every month


  • Azuremyst Isle, Bloodmyst Isle, Ghostlands, Eversong Woods and Isle of Quel’danas are now a part of the main instanced world and players can now fly in these zones
  • Legacy World bosses now have a 30 seconds death immunity once spawned (including Tanaan Jungle world bosses)


  • Players can now save a specific addon set for a character ingame without the help of outside addons
  • Addons now have a category ingame for addon developers to add, this will allow players to better sort addons ingame

(Gnomechomsky) #2

You get an A for effort.


I only really liked the “Servers” and Leveling" part.


(Justicer) #4

Can you tell me what you didn’t like specifically?

(Duzurîx) #5

this is a good idea imho

this is a good idea imo

thisnis bad idea imho…we need more slots more items not less…but again just my opinion

this is interresting.

whole topic is a good idea imo

replaced with what? again we need more customization more free power to makr the character how wr want. imo

for pvp absolutely nice solution, even tho it would kinda lost its charm tk be x/y race

idk about this. it would just move the grind a littke bit further but it will be nice for alts …im 50/50 o this

Mount apearances as legion artifacts are nice idea for reskins.

idk about this - it would make so much awkward situatoon where gear wont fit your model.

nah they already discussed this on blizzcon. Its not possible to do for all items that are already in the game. For new items …why not. imo

god please no.

this partni dont like since its again removing working parts of the game from it. Its not necessairy.

If thats possible i think they would already done that.

And as a former achiev hunter i have to say you lost me at achievement part. They shouldnt remove points. They should revisit all achievements and those that are incredibly hard or anoying to get or time consuming - they should increase the points you get from those. All imho ofc. Some good ideas some not so much.

(Justicer) #6

I agree we need more slots but i think the item should impact gameplay visually as well, wrists are just a not-visible stat stick, and i think if new unique visible item like Librams/Quivers/floating Orbs etc… can be a better way to introducee new items instead invisible stat-sticks

I agree that it should be replaced with something better, but i think versatility is just another name to Primary stat +stamina static buff that really does not give any depth to any class

I tried really hard to think on a better revolutionary stat to replace versatility but could not come up with one

I just suggest the idea, it is Blizzard’s job to make the system work with assortments of items and limit how much the player can change the characters so it will fit the lore and not be ridiculous

It is possible it just takes a lot of work and implementation of new systems/changes to old systems
in the long run i think it will make an easier job for Blizzard with new items

Currently besides rating and loot you almost never need there isn’t much incentive to do Higher M+ then 10
If there was an option to receive rewards specifically made for high M+ i think it would be more appealing to players
and +15 is just a number, it can be +18 or +20

This changes in my opinion are the easiest to make and will allow player to farm less time and focus on whats important which is the max level content
I currently have 95% of all the things in game, so i think i am objective on this manner when i say this will be a good and easy change.
Wow is an increasingly large game, and the bigger it gets the more new players are rejected and left behind because of the immensity of activities you have ingame, changes like this and most of what i have suggested will help improve the game in the long run and they are important in my opinion

My idea was to tier the achievements and it would be visible on the inspect UI so you can sum up the experience of the inspected player in a glance on the player tier 1 achievements
Making hard achievements cost more will not give the inspector a good look of the inspected player skill and experience in game unless the inspector specifically look for hard achievements

(Duzurîx) #7

Ok that sounds more reasonable. My problem with that is just rewarding with mounts and items from the past. I simply dont like devaluating effort and work that some players put into the game in the past, by remowing it or awarding it from different type of content where its just out of place. If we talk about rewarding for m+ high keys then im absolutely possitive about this change. Just come up with new things.

Well i know everyone have a different taste on different things. I just disagree with this. Removing difficulties, or basicaly anything for that matter, that doesnt cause any harm to the game since its working and its optional isnt good for wow imo. I agre that game is insanely big and still growing and can be very confusing for newbies, but all we talking about are raids from the past, irrelevant content basicaly for everyone except colectors or some minor playerbase that is doing some kind of projects.

Well. Ye sorting out achievements is nice idea, but remowing points not so much imo, maybe give for some thresholds rewards idk…20k 30k etc. Sory for eng and typos im in rush on phone. Its nice to see different suggestion topic other than “blizz pls fix” .


How to make it better? Don’t regress! Does the game have a bad function like world quest? Okay, remove it, but write a questline for it… for example…! The game have to be a stabile world, and not like a test realm of ideas from every expansion! It’s not how it works… just not… the game need originality, and roots, because it’s an old game. And you have to respect it as dev’s. Blizzard taking away everything that is good, and have an ability to keep the game fun is not the way how to guard it.

(Justicer) #9

I added some additions here and there

(Iceikle) #10

I realy like the ideas with the paragon rep. Blizz have made getting rep more worthwhile once exalted but I like your ideas to make it even better!

(Someoneelse) #11

Version 2. Does that mean version 1 failed.


There will be no World of Warcraft 2.

(Hínáta) #13

People also said there will be no classic.

Stop being a spoil sport and let people enjoy theorycrafting, suggesting and dreaming, it’s not wrong and it’s fun and just maaaaaaaaaaaybe one of us would hit the jackpot with an amazing idea and it would be implemented or blizzard would hear our voices and gives us what we want.

As far as I can tell classic players have been super happy with the beta, so happy that there is ongoing talk on the future classic updates.

I think more often version 2 means that version 1 succeeded and people want a part 2 of it.


What has Classic to do with World of Warcraft 2?

I have no idea what ‘spoil sport’ means and i also couldnt care less about theorycrafting and rest you’ve mentioned.
It was just my reply.

(Justicer) #15

Version 1 was in the old forums and was much smaller then this one

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