How to start testing content, if I don't have 120lvl characters?


I haven’t bought BFA, because I don’t like it due to several reasons. That’s why I have 110lvl characters only. But 8.2 looks very promising for me, so I decided, that I need to test it on PTR, as I don’t want to rely on indirect information about it. If it will be as good, as I expect, then I’ll buy BFA and start working towards completing Pathfinder Part I to have it by release of 8.2.

Problem is - I guess, leveling to 120 is disabled on PTR. And new zones seem to be available to 120 only. So… I’ve got stuck. What can I do about it? Will PTR have premade 120lvl characters at some point?


You are pretty much of out luck then PTR used to be only active players now days cant remember it has templates long time. You may wanna start playing in retail and come back in ptr later dont wait 120 lvl premade probably wont happen.


Well, it’s dead loop then. I wanted to test everything on PTR exactly because I want to determine, whether 8.2 is better, than 8.0-8.1.5, or not. Will Nazjatar and Mechagon gameplay be good for me or not. I don’t want to buy pig in a sack. So, I won’t buy BFA without testing 8.2 on PTR. Blizzard say, that only thing, that is needed - is full account. I have one. It’s not said anywhere, that I need BFA and 120lvl character. So, returning players are out of business here? It’s really strange, that Blizzard don’t want any feedback from them.

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