Hpriests need looking at

Hpriests are ridiculous at the moment. They’re far too strong and have so many tools. When are you going to nerf this broken spec?

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Holy is not very strong. By win rate, both holy and disc are bottem.

Restoration Shaman(S-Tier)
Mistweaver Monk(S-Tier)
Preservation Evoker(S-Tier)
Holy Paladin(A-Tier)
Restoration Druid(B-Tier)
Holy Priest(C-Tier)
Discipline Priest(D-Tier)

What bracket is that from.


Wat a troll. Holy priest is S tier in every pvp tier list. And video that is out for season 4.

Hes prob defending his precious class.
That list is 100% outdated and prob completely other season. -1

Go to check pvp fr: click stats on the top bar. And watch the score. Holy priest nr 1 in 2vs2 3vs3 and even in solo shuffle.

And even druid is B tier in your list? U know we play season 4 in 2024? Only in 3vs3 above 2400. Druid slightly more numbers then holy priest.

Holy priest C-tier :rofl: I guess that’s why at least 50% of teams have a hpriest.


Atleast the disc d tier is accurate ha ha ha

Im interested to see how the recent rdruid 50% dmg buffs on wrath will affect when hpriest got 20% nerf same time to its biggest dmg spell. Rdruid can spam wrath in broccoli and when they gain proc for broccoli with every 3rd swiftment, I alrdy saw some doing more dmg than hpriest. Hpriest is still good but 20% nerf on holy fire is noticeable.

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Go argue with https://wowmeta.com/rankings/pvp/healer-tier-list its their pvp tier list. I went with wins 2vs2. Its from the data. Note they are bottem in 3vs3 as well.

season 3


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Just seen that too, good catch god being. If that true then got to accept the website could be wrong. On other websites the tier lists are opinion, there is no data to back them up.

Disc bottom? I’m having a blast on my disc priest in pvp, and I’m not even 520ilvl :smiley:

I wouldn’t say that Holy is c tier, i prefer playing with a Holy Priest over a Discipline Priest

everytime when i play with an disc 3s or 2s it feels like im dead instantly, the hps feels so low compared to a rdrood or holy priest

and his kit is also worse than from a holy priest, holy priest have a stun, disc dont, so it´s also easier to fear as an holy priest.

the dmg in 3s is the same, if not even better 180-200 holy fire krits.

yeah disc is troll, good in some scenarios in 2s but thats it

getting in solo shuffle outperformed by rdrood/hpriest


That one looks good
But there are not enough settings

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As you can see in that data set holy priest is thrid currently. There has been a great big drop in holy priest specs performance.


  1. Druid 6.9% Win rate 50.6%
  2. Disc Priest 6.8% Win rate 47.9%
  3. holy priest 5.3% Win rate 51.5%
  4. shaman 4.0% Win rate 49.7%
  5. Paladin 3.8% Win rate 48.1%
  6. Monk 3.5% Win rate 50.2%
  7. Envoker 2.9% Win rate 51.3%

You see that win rate is very balanced, with five classes close togeather. Paladin has a lower win rate just about. Disc priest has the lowest. This data set has little reason to nerf holy priest.

Nerfing hpriest was fine but Rdruid buffs was the literally last thing the game needed. I find it amazing how much love rdruid gets from the devs, god forbid that the class isn’t S tier and completely ruining 2v2 for a single season with their awful dampen meta which their totally balanced throughput creates.


As i can see holypriest is best heal in rss right now
He have 51.3% wr which is only 0.1 less than the prevoker. Considering that holy is the meta with the greatest representation and among them there are a lot of fotm rerollers, this is just a crazy win rate - in rss this is like dh before nerfs among healers.
In general, he has the greatest representation in each bracket, but there they at least have a more adequate winrate for such a number of characters

An accurate tierlist is:


Rdruid - S Tier
Prevoker - A Tier
Hpriest - A tier
Fistweaver - A tier
Rsham - A tier
Hpala - B+ tier
Caster Mistweaver - B- tier
Disc priest - C tier


Pretty much same as Shuffle one


Rdruid - S tier
Disc priest - S tier
Fistweaver - S tier
Holy priest - S- tier
Rsham - A tier
Preservation - A tier
Caster Mistweaver - B tier
Hpal - C tier

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Swap hpala with caster mw and this is correct

Caster MW is better than Hpal in 2s, simply because it’s much harder to kill. Hpal dies extremely easily to almost every class in the game. Cocoon is also an OP CD because every 1 minute you can tell enemy team “No, your damage doesn’t matter, and this guy can’t die”

Would put druid one tier above every other healer as well in 2s since the latest reset tbh. Tried out my druid yesterday and wrath hits for 100k+ and even had 220k crits (without heart of the wild buff and with half green items).