<HULKOMANIA> 7/9HC looking for DPS and healers!

Hulkomania is a relaxed endgame content pushing dad guild more on the casual side looking for their fellow brothers to join us in raiding and M+ started by experienced raiders. We fear no man, no beast or evil, brother.

Looking for DPS and some healers at the moment (happy to take dps with healing offspec), socials are more than welcome!

Our goals are getting AOTC every tier and pushing even harder end game content as we go. We are trying to fill the raid slots to be able to get into a few mythic bosses and farm heroic with a solid and reliable raid team when the next tier comes.
Outside of raiding, most of us push IO and we have everything between 2 and 20 key level wise.

Raid Schedule:

  • Wednesday 8PM-10PM Server Time
  • Sunday 8PM-10PM Server Time


If you are interested in raiding/mythics and would rather skip pugging and join a comically fun environment, feel free to contact us on battle.net (or find me ingame):

  • mephlaren#2566
  • Erekmar#2260

What we’re looking for

  • Beginners and veterans alike
  • Patience
  • It’s just a game, so a chill environment
  • Decent behavior
  • At the very least, basic understanding of the English language
  • Accept constructive criticism and be willing to improve
  • Hulk Hogan quotes because I’m starting to run out of them, but the guild name sounded good.

What do we offer though?

  • Fun environment, banter is more than encouraged
  • Help with improvement if asked for, including looking through and supporting logs
  • An inclusive and mature guild where everyone is welcome
  • Hopefully, an insane amount of loot
  • Everything needed for successful raids and mythic runs

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