Hunter forums rly have died

One of the most popular classes in the game, yet complete silence haha.

Strange seeing this class forum this quiet.

Not just the hunter forums, the game in general is in a slump. Even on the general forums it’s the same 5 blokes just spamming the ever living daylight out of them that makes it look even remotely alive.

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Wouldnt say that dead :joy::joy: but yeah been lower, think more and more EU players are making level 10 alts and jumping to the NA forums

End of season 2, or feels like it. No idea when it’ll actually end. But the peeps are tired of the current dungeons and raids.

Blizzard seems to care very little for the classes that have bad talent trees/abilities, like hunters. And blues don’t care about eu forum in general so you might as well scream into the void.
They only show up to feign interest in current events and then away they go again.

Summer, people are outside, doing social stuff.

Other games, BG3 is taking lots of peoples time at the moment, and there are several others coming out soon. Starfield, Cyberpunk 2077 expansion/rework for example.

Forums isn’t something younger players tend to use, think most active users here are at least 35+…
Which leads to next point, we have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. The time one have for loitering on a forum is severely limited these days. :slight_smile:

Ah to be young again, and also a robot…

Everyone is on NA forums, because it is pointless to post anything here. Blues never visit here and any constructive talks long since moved ti discord

Well thats not entirely true. It is for hunter it seems tho.

Paladins, Druids, Priests, Death Knights, Mages all have taken varying levels of reworks to their physicsl talent trees to improve them.

Rogues promised a rework next.

They just seem to have forgotten us.

Its just weeks ago, we had continous flames about the class, people demanding reworks and more.

Its gone radio silent as if hunters just united in unsubbing or rerolling :joy:

People is too busy with abusing new metas like arms and and dh bro. No on will look at our face.

Thank goodness if I’m honest. It was just the same 3 people screeching endlessly in a massive circle jerk of negativity.

Come on, admit it. You enjoyed winding them up.

I miss it and im not embarrassed to say it

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Usually they crying here. Hunter is dead, unplayabe etc.
I can still enjoy it, but I must be stupid. And I have no problem with either damage or survivability.
But I know why this forum quiet, everyone playing exodia now.

The amount of people that have swapped to the top m+ comp is probably like 1% of the playerbase if even that. It would have no effect on forums whatsoever. The forum is dead because in reality this season is kind of over and people are playing other stuff whilst waiting for the next tier.

Id normally agree, however i think this time the comps affected a larger audience in the m+ and raiding scene, as its made the season alot easier then intended.

Although the fact theyve nerfed the comp and its likely contributed to the problems as its caused the end of the season early.

No other class forum has died quite like hunters.

I just clicked through all of them, and they are all dead lol. Even evoker/priest ones are prob even more dead than hunter forum.

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And the priest forum is just one special case bumping threads on their alt. The 1k post thread has 300+ from the original whiner and probably another 200 from assorted alts. If the priest forum were a person it would have taken out a restraining order by now.

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Hmm maybe it just looks so, when i click class, i just see more unreas on other classes then i do on hunters.

Yeah I changed my post character to priest because I was going to respond to some guy claiming 25-15% on psychic link lost him 25% of his damage.

It gives me great comfort knowing every class forum is just as delusional as the rest.

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Ah yes i do remember the arguments regarding that change :joy::joy: didnt they also buff their ST abilities up in trade also?

That be true :joy::joy: i remember aug evokers getting mad at their first sets of nerfs arguing their ruining the specc

They are usually bad players that’s why.
They would have to use some many keyboard buttons to type something on forum and they get used to use only few of them especially “S”

I think class forums have generally died, most people just post in general, even if it’s a class specific issue

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