Hunter LF Mythic/HC Raiding Guild

Hi good morning,

I am looking to apply to a Mythic/Heroic Guild who have been actively raiding and are looking for another dps to add to their roster and not being on the bench.

I have played since Vanilla, raided since TBC and have done heroic 25man to 20man Mythic. I have also been in Semi hardcore guilds to the more casual.

I have always raided on Support Classes Like Tanks & Healers, but I thought id give dps ago not meaning if the opportunity to heal or tank arrises I wouldn’t take it up I would.

Character: Naruka
Spec: BM
Ilvl: 394
Prof: LW/JC


Got a Resto Druid at around 370ilvl I can pick up if needed
Got a Prot Pala at around 367ilvl I can pick up if needed

I come prepared to all raids with consumables and reading up on tactics for bosses.

If you have any questions then I am up for answering them on discord or in game chat.


Good day Naruka
We are mainly a normal/heroic raiding guild, we will be doing intro bosses as well per raid tier but nothing too hardcore, good bunch of people, nice atmosphere , friendly bunch, we like to have our bantz during our raid nights and would claim to be a mature guild…ish…

We have DPS slots open atm, having a support class is a bonus! Drop me a pm if ur interested on Discord, Razorstorm#7563 and ofc if still looking.

All the best

Hey Naruka, if you’re still looking for a team then please get in touch. I am recruiting for Fury on Silvermoon and we are looking to fill a few spots in our Curve team. If you would like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on Discord - Zerofoxx#7345

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