Hunter or Mage for ranged DPS

So after getting this rogue geared i realized that PvPing with it is terrible.

Which class is the best for random BG’s? I just want to get 430+ and melt faces. MM and fire mage seem good on paper, but whats your opinion guys?

Well TBH they are both fun to play. I have both and find myself torn between which one I should focus on.
Get a couple of trials on the go and check them out

Fire can melt faces but they have low survivability.
While, hunters have good survivability but are not able to melt face. They require cunning strategies to outperform players. ( basically you must be a BM to outperform them because pets)
So, if it’s BG your looking for, then try Demon Hunter. They perform well in all fields.

Why melt faces when you can put an arrow through them?

I don’t know about others, but I have GREAT fun on my MM in PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fire mage = destruction in bgs

will need to stack haste tho and get 3 blaster master traits and wilfire while you are at it, and bis essences and bis gear. Cause pvp is only fun when you farm gear in pve!

Good thing i enjoy pve :slight_smile:

So a fire mage will burst down the target faster? What about silences, stuns and dealing with melee in general? As a rogue it kind of seems that a mage can get away better?

In general frost for pve. Much less effort.

Yes a fire mage getting 1 gpy off can drop combustion and kill a player in 2 secs. naturally depending in a bg, if there are heals around, defensives immunities etc pots. Saltwater potions advised to quickyl deal with heals.

Very much kiteable, but depends on the situation and cds. Like every class it has its limits.

I would say hunter is a lot more versatile and has fewer frustrating moments.

It also has a melee spec if you get tired of ranged too, and I must say SV hunter in BFA is actually pretty enjoyable.

Mage and hunter have very similar roles to play though.
Your main objective on both is to land CC and burst a specific target. IE poly or freezing trap someone.

The differences would be mage is more about AOE and hunter is about sticking on a target and being a royal pain in the backside, especially for flag runners.

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Assuming we are talkin about Random Battlegrounds and not RBG.

You can faceroll with Hunter i guess . Especially MM is literally 3-4 buttons.

FM on the other hand requires 10 fingers to achieve its full potential which means the rotations are harder and there are way more spells to rotate.

I have a Frost alt which is kinda fun to tilt enemy team with CC and her survivability is also sweet plus as Frost you have less spells to play aka its easier compared to Fire

Decided to level a hunter, kind of enjoyed it more mechanically, and loving max range of MM. Talents seem more interesting as well with good mix of passives and actives and clearly defined single and multi target choices.

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