Hunter pet addon, for maintaining feeding

I’m looking for an addon to keep an eye on my hunter pet happiness. Does that exist for Classic?

I have twice experienced now to check, things were good… Run around for 10 mins and then loyalty drops.

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Why do you need AddOn for that? Pet is smiling - He is Gaining Loyality. Not smiling - feed him


Next to your pet frame, you should see a small coloured box.
Green = Happy
Yellow = Neither happy nor sad
Red = Unhappy.

As a rule of thumb, give your pet food if the small square is yellow or red.

It wasn’t possible with Shadowed Unit Frames, but the addon was since updated and now it is included.

if u find i will happy u will share it with me

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I was looking for the same because I don’t use the standard unit frames. I’m planning to create a “happiness” LDB add-on myself.

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What would be useful is an add-on that tell you your pets happiness value, rather than the 3 happy, medium and sad faces.

Sometimes I’ve had pet damage drop from 125% to 100% just before, or possibly even during a fight.

Can make quite a difference if you’re trying to solo a boss or an elite pack or something. Especially as BM :slight_smile:


I use classic weakaura2 addon with this “pet: happiness” addition, you can find it in wago io, sorry can’t include direct link here…

Its really nice and easy to notice

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See Broker_PetHappiness (once it gets approved).


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