Hunter rn is the most op thing I ve ever seen in wow

title. how the hell did this happen? They literally deal twice the damage of the next highest damage dealer. characters wiped out in 2 seconds. did they not test anything at all

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They are currently balancing and tuning.
Hopefully hunters get a numbers overhaul soon.

I think this will be a problem. A lot of people are playing hunter atm. Maybe if they nerf the class people will leave? Blizzard wants money so they wont nerf it.

I certainly will if they don’t do anything about the pet ress timer.
It’s a big annoyance in PvE, but in PvP it makes SV/BM unplayable, same with demo locks (though they were unplayable anyway).

For PvE though, they’re still pretty damn solid even if they have to spend 4 seconds if they’re really unlucky and lose their pet. Not an issue for MM though, since they’ve got Lone Wolf.

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I’d like to know what “RN” means.

Either way, not worth getting panties in a twist. The pre-patch is gonna go in 3 weeks.

right now :slight_smile:

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they have done nothing about it, i just got oneshoted by a hunter again