Hunter state query to hunter players - bugs

Id say hunter are quite good in the right hands. There might be some bugs that need ironing and the class does suffer abit from rock paper scissor but other than that we are ok.
Our dps in raids is decent but nothing to brag about. But then again we are a ranged class so if we compare to warlock and mage we are doing above their damage id say. Mostly from personal experience.

All in all hunter is a great class that does atm above average dps in addition to bring some support in the form of auras. Trueshot , aspect of the wild. Traps. Pet howl.

We got some flavour in the form of pets and arrows as well. Which is more interesting than what warlocks have in term of pets.

In pvp melees are usually a lesser problem for hunters than ranges.
Hunter is the counterclass against rogues, druids can be feared and shamans / paladins are easy to kite.
Warriors are the hardest opponents among all melees tough.
The first way beating a warrior is to get out of his second charge range (25 yards/meters) asap so FD + trap is the first thing you should try. This will mostly fail if not using scatter shot or stun grenade first.

And this is the problem with hunters currently. You have to apply one cc to be able to use another cc infight and both share a DR effect. This is because of the delay between FD and combat drop which wasn’t present in vanilla (if believing the rumors). So any class with some instant aoe effect, even demo shout from warriors will keep you infight and hence traps are not placeable.

Against ranges you should pray to rng that your shots will have a crit streak otherwise warlock/priest/druid dots will just finish you. Mages are kind of oneshot with crits but against good mages you aren’t able to land a single shot.

There are several talent builds for pve and pvp. I’am currently using a pvp build that also works great for pve (5/33/13) with 4/5 points in chance to stun and snare.
Deep BM would be good against ranged in pvp but its pretty much useless in pve, especially raiding.

Wha I rarely lose to a mage xD . You can even use fap if it’s a particularly annoying mage but usually no problems. Priests and locks yes u need some high damage to beat em . In exchange tho priests go oom fast . So Gogo viper sting.
Warriors are hard mostly if they have pocket healers otherwise doable.

For me with confidence I’d say mages are 1 of the easiest opponents for me. In bgs in particular they don’t stand a chance.
Hunter = clothie killer in bgs.

Easiest to hardest my opinion. 1v1

Mage . Rogue . Warrior. Ele shaman/resto druid . Warlock. Shadow priest ( undead)
These is my exp with 1v1 which is not hunters forte nessesarily.
In bgs tho those clothies that gave u a hard time in 1v1 all of a sudden get melted in bgs

All is fine , no changes they just need to git gud bro

Thanks for the input guys. It’s sad to see some things are still broken after all this time though.

Another general idea (Active PvP hunter here)

Thanks for linking this mate. I think that’s a nail in the coffin… Shame the class is like that…

Yea I quit because of it, cancel my sub yesterday because I’m sick of Blizz not giving a damn

This sums it up quite “nicely”
I’d also add that my hunter often gets “stuck” in aimed shot animation (and doing no damage during 5-6 seconds in the middle of a fight) and melee leeway making kiting and ccing much harder.

I have a lot of fun with my hunter, but it is very frustrating to know that many of my deaths are due to buggy/bad mechanics.

I do kinda regret having it as a main. In retrospect, I should have kept him as a low level BG toon and leveled another class. But at least my pve rotation in raid is more interesting than spamming frostbolt (I mained a mage in vanilla)

Unlike the rest here ive gotten quite fond of my hunter . With a higher skill cap than most and quite rewarding for me at this point 

a little vid of how awesome we can be. Tho we are far more awesome in teamfights than solo play and it does take some effort to be good but if you feel like you can do it. Go ahead !

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Thanks for all the replies and insight. I think I’m gonna postpone the idea of leveling a hunter for a later time perhaps.

While FD does indeed fail every now and then under pressure/tight timing, I have yet to meet a hunter that doesn’t manage to scatter+trap me after my opener.

That’s fair enough, but I believe as someone pointed out in this thread a hunter shouldn’t be forced to stack scatter + fd to be able to land a trap reliably. Either use scatter or fd, not both so that he saves one of the abilities for the next trap.

Yes scatter-trap in a 1v1 is quite reliable. Because you can take the full 4 seconds to execute it, the clunkiness of FD-trap is not a problem in that case.

In any other circonstances (like in BGs), it isn’t. And that’s where it hurts. Hunters have to burn through 3 CDs to land that CC and hope nothing goes wrong, otherwise they are caught bare naked.

And even then in 1v1, it has it’s own problems (like warrior landing their harmstring even tho you scattered or trapped them before they came in range)

To be fair that affects everybody. Two priests can fear each other, a mage can be gouged and blink at the same time, etc. At least in those situations the results are somewhat predictable because effects are packed in chunks of time.

Spell batching me annoys me more in cases where it’s not even working as designed. For example, as a rogue I can see another rogue in stealth and Cheap Shot just as they are moving away, and if they happen to be far enough to be “undetected” again, not only will Cheap Shot silently fail, but it will also cancel my stealth - at which point I’ll be basically dead.

It’s horrible in PvP solo as well.
Imagine having to burn Counterspell to cast a Frost Nova, or Blind to hit a Kidney Shot, or to Nature’s Grasp to Entangling Root, or Death Coil to Fear.
Using one CC to make another CC work.
These scenarios CAN happen for other classes, but far far far far far less and extremely situational.

Not to mention, imagine ALL these things I wrote, having the same DR. And there you have hunter.

I do indeed have to death coil before casting fear often under melee pressure not to get kicked/pummeled. Sometimes I can use a nade but often I’m forced to death coil but I think that’s not as harsh as the hunter scenario by intended design.

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Yeah, Death Coil to fear is probably the most common situation where you have to burn against melee(Warrior/Rogues specifically). But we have to do it with every class.

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