Hunter's pet losing world buffs

It’s been like 3-4 months that everytimes I take the Onyxia buff or the ZG buff with my pets. When I dismissed him (eg: when I take the fly or whatever) the pet randomly loses his buffs. Some hunters are lucky but even if they are lucky, the buffs randomly disappear even if they don’t dismiss him…
Can you PLEASE fix that. Because it’s recurrent and that’s VERY annoying when we wanna do speedrun or even parse…

i don’t know if its the same for both classes, but at least in Warlock’s case their pets lose their buffs when logging out to “preserve” buffs…
the buffs timer tick down despite the character not being logged on, and i think that’s BS.

another fun little fact is that the ZG (Hakkar) buff doesn’t even affect warlock pets whatsoever, which is also really weird… it says right there on the buff it increases their stats by 15%, but nope, nothing changes when they get the buff.

nothing short of dying or timer ticking down naturally - while the character is online and the pet is summoned - should make pets lose their buffs.

i would argue that if i really wanted to, i should be able to get world buffs on all my pets, be able to dismiss them and thereby preserve their buffs until i summon them again.

This is an oversight Blizzard never bothered to fix.
It seems like buffs fade even when you log off or dismiss pet to avoid exploiting certain debuffs but instead of listing those debuffs and applying this to them only, it applies to all buffs and debuffs your pet has.

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