HvH suggestion - Remove the masks

First of all I’d like to say that this isn’t a complain of any kind. HvH is awesome and improved the PvP experience immensely.

However, it would be even better if they got rid of the masks and allowed us to just show our currently equipped helm. The alliance tabard looks kind of weird as well, and it changes to your normal tabard as soon as you mount up so I dont really see the point in having it.
I play at max viewing distance and tbh I dont even see the masks on enemy players, and I believe 99% of players can tell which players are hostile even without the masks.

So please add this small fix and allow us to just show our currently equipped helm (and tabard) if playing in the “alliance” team.


You will never stop crying will you


I am also against the masks. They look stupid especially on druids.

Tabards are fine and actually are helpful to remind you what team you are on.

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You need to stop posting en every single thread. Get help.


Who gives a crap? Equipped helmets look stupid anyway, display helm always off.

This wouldn’t be a problem if you were playing the battleground and not just afking looking at yourself for free honour.

I would suggest to add pink dresses in addition to the masks. Or any other clown costume will do.


It reminds me something… Ah yes!

You will wear your masks and like it, if you don’t just ask blizzard to remove HvH, i’m sure they will listen.

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Stop posting on threads which have absolutely nothing to do with you, pathetic alliance.

AvA BGs also occasionally happen you know.

Instead of removing masks i think all horde who plays the ally in HVH should become gnomes


Why not just transform the opponents into Alliance? So in HvH each side sees the other as Alliance.


Of course you are going to looks stupid. The whole concept of same faction battlegrounds is stupid.


Cry more, whole world isnt rotating around you

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getting a male mask on my cute female elf is so annoying!
at least give my female character a mask of female alliance!

As an alliance player who was against HvH I now insist on half the horde team looking stupid so the masks must remain!

Or ehm no. They are pointless and stupid. The tabards might be helpful though.

lol u won’t even see them

Hm… The “red is dead” motto works for arena without people getting confused. Not sure why it would be any different for BGs.

While I agree on the fact of removing the masks, my opinion has changed as I’ve been scrolling down in this threat.

Now, due that we need masks and tabards to constantly remember us that we are playing the opposite faction (alliance for the vast majority), I would suggest also adding an interface feature that would pop up a random warning message with voice yelling " YOU ARE ALLIANCE/HORDE!" every 10 seconds. I also would put money into the idea of being all gnomes, and having pink dresses.

They should just remove HvH.