[H]<Vice> 5/10H Sanctum LF Disc Priest

A guild is only as great as its members allow it to be, and Vice is bloody brilliant.

What it’s all about

Vice started out of the frustration (that I’m sure many WoW players have had!) of being in a guild with little to no social interaction outside of raids.

I want Vice to be a place where we run all sorts of content together, from Mythic+, Raiding, PvP, transmog runs or achievement hunting, whatever it is, gaming with people that you consider friends adds just something more to it.

What we’re working towards

We created the guild with one goal in mind: To create a great community that progresses together towards getting Ahead of the Curve each tier in Shadowlands and beyond.

And that’s just what we did. We gave Sire Denathrius an absolute pasting and secured our place in the annals of history.

Outside of WoW, I want Vice to be a place where people can make great friends, have a laugh and play all sorts of games together (we have people playing Street Fighter, Dead by Daylight, Valheim, and now there is talk of giving Conan Exiles a go.

Are you the right fit?

First and foremost, we’re a social guild. We want people that like to get involved in the guild, and be a part of something great. We don’t want people that get salty, act like brats when something doesn’t go their way, or because they disagree with something someone said. Basically, if you’re social, like to talk rubbish all hours of the day on discord and have questionable taste in memes then you’ll probably get on well with the guild.

We’re not meta slaves at all in Vice, following flavour of the month isn’t our cup of tea. It’s important to me that people play the class that they want to play, something that they enjoy - Someone who really knows and loves to play survival hunter is going to do better than someone who switches to the new hot spec every month or two.

However, if you want to raid with the guild you’ll have to make sure you’re as prepared as possible, but don’t worry, we’ll help with that. And if you don’t want to raid, or don’t have the time to do it anymore, that’s fine too.

  • New players looking to find a guild that will last and can teach them about the game.
  • Returning players looking for a home in the Shadowlands
  • Existing players who want to achieve more with a great group of gamers


We have a 2 day/week raid schedule for our team, raiding on Thursday/Tuesday from 8-11 pm server time. We also run Normal clears on Sundays.

Why should you join?

Well, apart from being in a guild with a handsome and all-round cool dude Guild Master, we’ve got a few things going for us.

  • Great social community
  • Active #lfg channel
  • Cauldrons, feasts, oils and potions for our raid team
  • Helpful Officers
  • Free guild funded repairs for raiders and members
  • Weekly no-leaver M+ 15s
  • A team that WILL get AotC every tier

If this sounds like something that you want to be a part of, then get in touch with me on Discord Mr. Firm Handshake#1057 or BattleNet DeadFamous#21141

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hey are you looking for any dps for raids if so plz get hold of me on battlenet darklord#2753 or discord soulflame#2454

Cannot fault this guild in terms of its dedication to progress and pushing keystones. Their Discord is VERY active - mostly GIFs, innuendos and non family-friendly selfies that no one asked for but there is certainly no risk of there ever being quiet spells. The community has a fraternity-like feeling to it.

Raid progression is very good and tactics are learnt and adapted quickly. The raid leader is a bit aggressive and doesn’t accept help but most successful raid teams in WoW are like that so be prepared and you’ll do fine. They run a three week trial period for new raiders where you will be expected to analyse your logs and improve but as long as you show willingness to learn, it’s okay. Raid materials are always on offer and guild members are encouraged to help out with collecting materials for them. Additionally, there are always people online during the day doing keystones but they will make sure that you get a token key done before reset so that you can be grateful to them. Feedback is generally not well received but, again, most guilds are like that across WoW.

Overall, this guild is great for people who don’t mind the semi-hardcore guilds with dedicated players. For more casual ones, look elsewhere. The guild claims they’re casual but success doesn’t come without farming 15 keystones over-and-over and jumping straight into Heroic raid with micro-analysis of data sheets…


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