Hydraxian Waterlords?

Not to be that guy , but what happened to a server ? Went on brake bcs of IRL some time before end of october , it was low pop but you still had decent amount of people online . This is now a desert , 5 people in dalaran , no activity, and discord is also quiet , really a single player experience . I feel like I am robed of my money for the sub , and well refunds don’t work at acti blizz , so what are the plans for the server ? Merger , x realm , open free transfers ? You can’t look at the server and say job well done , this is really sad.


Because Wrath is no fun with all changes Blizz made. RPers are the most NoChange of all players, and that’s why they are first to quit in disgust.
I played HW, I do no more play Wrath, only Era - and there HW overrun by HC crew :frowning:


Still like , i see that transfers are open to HW for free , but like , it feels like a trap for people that acc trying to help the server . I don’t like many things blizz is doing , but server had a feel and recognition to itself . Just really lazy and sad from the classic team the way they are treating the server .

Well repeating what I’ve read HW is more or less a victim of thoughtless population managing by Blizzard. After deleting and forcibly merging all RP realms (including German Speaking Celerbas) many players left. And then Blizz also opened Free transfers off the realm, you know the ones they do when they believe server is going to die and well People panicked and many left not wanting to stay on soon to be dead realm.

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Rigth, only other way round. Blizz opened free transfer from Hw in early 2022 andd first merge in late 22.
And yes too many succumbed to what germans call Torschlusspanik - panic for closing of door - as they think server dies. I think without free transfer off HW it would be still - and all the time - a low-mwdium pleasant realm.
They now try to make up, but people are told “Dying server” by (mostly) Pserver players being used to monster realms, and dare not go there.
Sad story. And now HC invade there too.

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For me the realm is pretty much dead, unfortunately, at least its economy and leveling (just impossible to find any dungeon groups). I was forcibly transferred from Zandalar Tribe when I had my subscription off, and then I didn’t even have a chance to transfer to a PvP realm, as it would make sense to migrate from RPPvP to normal PvP. Now it feels like I need to pay to fix the consequences of Blizzard’s own population mismanagement.

I just wish they opened free transfers to other realms again. I don’t mind playing PvE in WotLK, but at least give players the opportunity to play on healthy realms!

Support said wait, I also want to play and not watch.

Not going to happen.

It´s, on top, a very anti-social and selfish attitude.

My realm had to die in favor of HWL, and i know some people who prefer HWL over any of the other realms DESPITE the fact that they don´t speak english at all or not good enough to feel comfortable on an english realm, because it´s the last RP realm.

On top, i know some would move back to Cele if the devs just reopened Cele, despite the fact that the realm would be now probably very tiny, too (it was the biggest RP realm left in EU)

Unlikely, since there are now transfers TO HWL. :slight_smile:
They´d open a loophole again, and we know how the last one did end. :wink:

Most people ask beforehand before they transfer. At least my guild mates often tell me that there are whispers and people asking questions about HWL.
And we are always honest about what to expect AND advice to send an alt first, if available.
Difficult to talk about a “trap”.

You´ve had two month to move to any PVP realm of your choice (except Firemaw if i remember correctly because it was way to overcrowded already back then). You might have missed it, but you got the chance.

It made sense to move Zandalar (which was btw in the end smaller then HWL now) to HWL, because it was a RP realm. Granted, there are always non roleplayer on RP realms, but in the end of the day it´s the roleplayers realm and therefore their needs win.
And that meant, moving Zandalar (after offering FCT to any realm except Firemaw) to HWL. Pretty simple.

In the end of the day, you can leave.
It´s called PCT. I used it to get TO HWL, you can use it to get OFF HWL, too.


It is not selfish to merge , what merging 100 people that are left on the server is selfish? And why are you in such strong defense of the blizzard and attacking the players ? It is blizzards duty to maintain the servers that we pay for , so i really don’t understand your attitude and hostility towards players that are left on the server and saying to us that we should pay extra to be able to play same as people on more populated servers .

Because, as i said, some people are there INTENTIONALLY because they want to play on a RP realm.
You don´t, that´s fine.

You can solve your problem with PCT (as i did with moving TO HWL with PCT, since there were no FCT at that time), those who want to play on a RP realm with the special protection RP realms offer, can´t.

Indeed, it´s their duty to maintain them.
They didn´t do it with my realm, but just murded Cele during the Celebras massacre.
Now they left me with an english RP realm, which is just an very unpleasant replacement i don´t feel comfortable at.
But, it´s at least a RP realm.
And their job is now to maintain exactly this realm
The last RP realm they left. And they do, what they can right now :slight_smile:


They don’t do what they can atm , and i am not paying ower 120€ to transfer toons that are 0 of my fault and my impact . Just not gonna renew sub after this month take my money elsewhere if they are gonna force me to pay extra to be able to play the game .

It was also 0 of our fault or our impact, that Blizzard first took to long to open a german RP realm (if they had opened Celebras with all other realms during release, we´d now have a low/medium pop, stable realm), and it was not our idea to kill the RP realm.
We actually begged to keep Cele alive for weeks/month, without success.

Why should those few of us, who are willing to play on an english realm now, despite not being comfortable to play there, now lose our realm ANOTHER time?
We lost our (still bigger) realm for Hydraxian Waterlords.

And with 10 chars, you are longer around, which means you also had the chane to move them for free.
It was a bet that Hydraxian would become more crowded again, but it didn´t work out.

I don´t rule out that there might be FCT at one point, but i don´t hink that there are FCT now due to the fact we got FCT TO HWL.

The devs seem to try to support the Roleplayers - those, who are still intentionally on HWL - and opening up FCT OF HWL would not just mean to open a loophole - they probably don´t want to do - it would also send a wrong message.

In the end of the day , people who are asking for merges or FCT are trying to shift the impact of their own decision to someone else.

And that´s not fair, especially not towards those who lost their more fitting realm and who want to stay on HWL, because it´s the last option for them.

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Just couple rp people playing this, others simple players, I’m not going play server where there are 10 people evening.

And that´s why there are PCT. :slight_smile:
I did use it, you can use it, too!


Well, THAT´s a surprise… :wink:


I not want merge of HW either. If you unsatisfied is YOUR problem, you leave. I payed to get back to HW. Please leave this last RP server alone.


I also transferred back to Hydraxian and like it the way it is. It’s a server for RPers and usually RPers like a quieter more socially close realm (in my experience anyway).

We don’t want a merger, the free transfers have been a big help and continue to bring in people slowly. If you want a bigger population go play on one of the other 10-12 realms. Leave Hydraxian as it is, it’s an RP server meant for a very specific type of player.

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Maintain them, yes but Blizzard cannot make people play on them.

Considering the state of the mega servers I’ll happily stay on our dead server. I think, out of all the servers, Hydraxian Waterlords is the one server where acitivites outside of instanced content is happening. For example, we’ve had a triathlon (foot/mount/flying), we’ve had a jousting pvp tournament, and recently we had a level 1 gnome race that ended in a battle royale in the Gurubashi Arena. Some events are cross-faction too.

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Real talk, the server is dead, and merges are unlikely before cata, so your options are unsubbing or biting the bullet and paying for transfers.

I will give you my 2 cents about things and the way i noticed that flow here on the forums.
Servers like HW or Zandalar, Thekal and others could be in better shape? Of course they could, is it Blizzard’s only?
To an extent yes it is, but also it’s our fault, the player is at fault to because we have this sheep mentality of always following what is fashion, what’s popular, the server that has the biggest population and so on, we have sheep mentality in terms of the servers for WoW, it’s easier to go to a very high pop realm where you can have everything done, even if it’s filled with bots than to play on a server like HW that can take a little time and effort to help it build into a awesome community.

Unless stuff can be done quick, unless people have things right there and now then they say it’s no good…that’s why much of what we have in society is boring and bland.