I am so tired of being one of the bad guys

(Okaytre) #1

I have played both horde and alliance since vanilla. but now because of bfa and bfa lore i feel literally ashamed each time i play on one of my horde chars because blizzard has made us so super evil again.

And this time we the players are forced to do quests where we do really evil stuff against the opposide faction.
Before it has only been our evil crazy psycho leaders doing the evil stuff, so i didn’t feel so bad for playing the horde i was still annoyed with blizzard giving us an evil warchief. Which they have now done again.

I am so flying dalaran tired of being forced to be one of the evil guys. it wasn’t like this when i started playing wow horde was at war with alliance. but us the horde wasn’t the evil faction like it is today.
Back then it was just two factions at war and not one faction being the evil one and one being the good one.

Now i feel literally ashamed when playing on one of my horde characters. no matter what i do, but especially if i do the war campaign stuff.
Where because i want to see the story from both sides because i am an lore player i play mainly for the lore.

But now i feel so ashamed about being a horde player and having horde chars i really want to make all my horde chars alliance. But i won’t because it would be way too expensive since my account is at the 50 char in account max.

I have quite a bit of both horde chars and alliance chars. there is something very wrong when blizzard makes people feel so bad about one of the two factions in their two faction game that the people who have chars in that faction feel too ashamed to play their own characters in that faction.

I know i might not be everyone that feels this way but with the large amount of people relativly speaking some are bound to feel the same or similar thing about this as i do.

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If you want people to read that, throw in some punctuation.


Nobody forces you to do anything.

There are some achievements where you have to explore old content and /hug critters.

You can aim for them.

You will be awarded with PETA medal as well.
Leave the killings and atrocities for the big guys shortie.


I’m not sure what you typed as it’s one massive block of text but I’m not very fond of the Horde storyline at all.

Bit fed up of Sylv and particularly hate Nathanos and everything about him (especially his voice) so I just forget about it and do other stuff. It’s easy to forget when you don’t bother doing the questlines :stuck_out_tongue:


Roleplayer, cant stand do killings in a game and he/she prefers to wear his leather armor , patrolling with his pet (since he is hunter) doing charities for starving children in Africa .
I mean Wetlands.



(Okaytre) #7

i am not a roleplayer. i have no problem killing things ingame, but i have an issue with being forced to kill civilians and then force them to become mind controlled by sylvanas undead. it is the cirumstances and reasons and who i am killing as part of the horde storylines in bfa i have an issue with. and other non killing related stuff i am forced to do in relation to bfa horde storylinhe.


You’re better off staying with us on the blue side, it’s the superior faction anyway. Just facts.

(Okaytre) #9

ty but it is like i have played both sides since vanilla but now on one faction i am forced to be an evil psycho. i wouldn’t have felt this way if horde had been created as an evil faction back in vanilla like it is with swtor and the republic and empire where you know from the start one faction is evil. in wow one faction has been made evil over time. which is why it feels so much worse to have chars of that faction.

(Arctur) #10

A.K.A. The side that is constantly dumbed down so that there can be a war in the first place and keeps serving as the punching bag of the evil Warchief/sidekick of the Horde revolutionary.


It’s all bad writing, i understand where you’re coming from. There is no morally grey in this anymore it’s just pure evil. I do find it interesting though and wonder how the story will end when this expansion is over. Having said that, i would still never play horde :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t care. If you put the forced, very badly written A vs H lore that i don’t give 1 bit about, aside from the first Orcish invasion which was the only interesting one. The Alliance has the far more interesting characters and stories tied to them overall. Arthas, Jaina, her father, Varian, Tyrande and the legion, Azshara etc etc

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I do wonder why they ever started on the whole morally grey business.


I guess, because some players weren’t happy and didn’t agree with how they’re writing Sylvanas. I don’t want to spoil anything but they are not doing a great job seeing what Sylvanas will do in the next patch. That’s why im interested to see the end, because i don’t know what would have to happen for me to say “oh THAT’S why she did all this”.

(Arctur) #15

The forced, very badly written faction war constitues 70% of this expansion’s storyline, so putting that aside will be very difficult.


Oh you’re talking about this expansion? This entire expansion is forced, let alone it’s story. The little stories in it are okayish, Drustvar for example. Other than that, don’t care.

We were fighting beside and for each other just the other day, suddenly Killi stabs Azeroth, we all lose our s h i t, Sylvanas gets faction pride out of nowhere, burns Teldrassil, Alliance attack lordaeron, then the faction war suddenly only takes place in Kul Tiras and Zandalar meanwhile the rest of azeroth, near the sword, are all living in peace.

Quality writing there.

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TL;DR: People thinking that modern civilisation is how the communities in the warcraft universe work.


This is called RolePlay actually.

Just because you dont use the Walk ability , doesnt change the fact that you care so much about quests and doing some imaginary stuff in a MMO


Offtopic but your character’s name always brings Lanny Barbie in my mind…
Weird af.


Hello. Bad guy here, just popping in to say…hi.