I am so tired of being one of the bad guys

(Caswallan) #21

You just didn’t get the subtle hints. My first warrior was an Orc. Everything was fine, wacking lazy peons and stuff. And then I went to crossroads in the barrens.
There was this undead guy sending my Orc around collecting spider legs, scorpion venom and so on to create a new pla… err soup.
Same story with my Tauren shaman. Do your quests, then they send you in this cave below Thunderbluff to help the undead brew something.
The original horde races have always been just usefull idiots for the forsaken.


It’s pronounced LAY-nee. :smiley:


We are talkin about the actress or your character’s name?

Im confused…


My name.

/10 cha cha cha :drum:


I feel you man, Blizz destroyed whole Horde faction honor with making Sylvanas warchief.


Sylvanas doesn’t really suit being a “Warchief” IMO. That’s like a savage, tribal title, and she’s all dark and gothic. It’s like doing a Rain Dance to My Chemical Romance.

(Okaytre) #27

there is probably an video of that on the internet somewhere.

(Canabal) #28

Evil, we’re good with, Super Evil is where we draw the line…stantards, I respect it.

Just out of curiousity, what made you say you had enough?..was it the burning of the Tree?

(Okaytre) #29

that is not roleplaying. roleplaying is something different. it is playing out stories u made yourself with other people in game.


Havent every single character taken hit contracts for pocket change, titles or a fancy mount?
Unless you do as the pandaren herbalism guy then you ARE a monster of war. One could assume that the reason we dont have the possibility to interject and push for diplomatic sollutions like an actual hero, is because we dont want to…

(Okaytre) #31

the combination of all the evil stuff you are forced to do as part of the war campaign quest on horde side. i haven’t completed it once yet because i could just not take it anymore. i was almost in tears over what the game forced me to do.

(Lizq) #32

Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.

Evil “stuff” has been going on camouflaged as reasonable from your perspective for a while.


As our good friend dev would say, “The Alliance is waiting for you!”

(Lepanto) #34

History is written by the victors. When Rome conquered Carthage, Did you read about them being bad guys? When Alexander the Great butchered his way through Asia, Who was there to demean him?

When our queen reigns over the embers of Stormwind everyone still alive will kneel down to her.


(Riversong) #35

Remain convinced before the issues of BFA. pre expansion story wise
annoying and upset a lot of people. This entire faction “war” is pointless.
honestly feel the same as you OP. Sooner we get onto the Old gods the better

(Scotiant) #36

I do question why people pick the faction with orcs, zombies, trolls and goblins, which collectively have evil connotations, and complain when they turn out to be evil. The big haste steroid is ‘bloodlust’, which has more aggressive and darker connotations compared to ‘heroism.’ Even the name ‘Horde’ has nastier vibes than ‘Alliance.’ I don’t know what you guys were even expecting.

That being said, I wish I could be a “bad” guy.

Sylvanas has opened the war with a nuke on a civilian target, setting the tone for a war of annihilation. Two factions enter, one faction leaves (and are possibly flat-out genocided.) Sylvanas set these terms, yet no one in the Alliance seems to be entirely aware of this. If the Horde are attempting to flat out wipe the Alliance out, then I saw we stop phootering around and return the notion. The Orcs have always violent alien invaders who should be forced back to Outland or wiped out entirely (Thrall is a massive outlier, he hardly represents orcs as a whole). The Forsaken have repeatedly proven themselves to be every bit as unholy as they believe others perceive them and thus should also be driven to extinction before they do the same to us.

Of course, this can never happen due to them being playable races. I’m just more bothered how we don’t get anyone truly aggressive in the Alliance. No, Greymane doesn’t go nearly far enough. I’m more talking Daelin Prodmoore style.

TL:DR, I’m tired of the big Alliance characters collectively handling a genocidal maniac with kid gloves.


Roll Alliance, please. <3


Also Gnome…Roll Alliance Gnome, please <3

(Wraknar) #39

And when she does reign over the kingdom, our king will pull back on her leash and remind her who she really serves.
Then he will sit upon that throne once again as he did all those years prior.


(Punyelf) #40

I’m loving being Horde. I like Sylvanas as Warchief. I think Blizz wrote a pretty lame story to justify the war and could have done it much better.

Both sides do ‘evil’ deeds. It’s a game, it’s not real.