I am so tired of being one of the bad guys

(Wraknar) #41

We’re not doing enough evil, honestly. It’s like trying to fight a house fire with a box of matches, it ain’t really a comparison.

(Oldmangeorge) #42

morally gray =/= evil

(Okaytre) #43

Nothing of bfa horde story is even close to being morally grey it is full out evil.


being Horde hasn’t felt so good since Garrosh bombed Theramore :slight_smile:

(Arcana) #45

The intent of Blizzard was to show the Horde with a bit of moral ambiguity. However, because Blizzard is unable to write that, they completely botched it, and now the Horde looks like Pavlovian dogs slobbering a bit while saying “Yes Warchief!”

(Шамсунг) #46

Don’t find being a bad guy … well… bad.
We are lacking a good villans nowadays & afterall being a paladin is boring as hel.l
With such a variety of RPGs this constant makes me really sad. I don’t see a difference between a paladin and target dummy.

By paladin I mean an RPG archetype.

(Arcana) #47

There’s evil and then there’s cartoonishly evil. Right now the Horde falls into the latter camp usually reserved for the worst villains in propaganda films and that’s a problem.

I can see what the designers aimed for and I can see they state this relentlessly. They’ve totally failed in executing this and has as a result totally destroyed the Horde and pretty much any lore character opposed or aligned with Sylvanas as the other half of the Horde would dislike them intensely if they “succeeded” her.

She has to lose as well, her life too, or it would be the same as Blizzard condoning the action of genocide and murder. No matter how much waifu potential someone has, that’s a PR storm waiting to happen if she pulls a Karma Houdini.

Remember the anger when it as rumoured that Arthas would be redeemed in the end and Blizzard quickly went public and said “no”?

Sylvanas is steering against her own “I see only darkness” moment. Most likely there would be no one at that point who cared for her like the ghost of Terenas did for Arthas.

(Uldurin) #48

The Alliance did send a purge squad to kill off the sweet lil Vulperas, pure evil :frowning_face:

(Henoriel) #49

I dare hope you’re wrong, though much of what you’re saying makes sense.

I still don’t get what people find so surprising about the actual horde’s course of action. There hasn’t been a single Xpac in which there was peace, and since Cata the whole alliance/horde conflict has been going up without rest.

Perhaps it was Legion that introduced this notion of peace, with Varian staying his blade and pulling a Manduin on us, and people got their head full of that. But I for one am a lot into novels, and the novels show you is :
Alliance - Tyrande despises the horde and would rather have them off Kalimdor, Magni/Moira never liked them, Mekkatorque doesn’t exist, Velen is like Thrall while his people still hold a grudge against the Sin’dorei, Varian previously wanted to nuke them all and Jaina hates them not just blindly because she puts Garrosh and everyone else in the same box but also because she ends up relating that Thrall was an exception among the horde, a fact even the game has always shown.
Horde - Cairne and his people were viewed as freaks until the horde welcomed them, his son is a cow-ard groveling at every new warchief’s feet, vol’jin hates the humans because his entire tribe was almost wiped out by them, Lor’thermar doesn’t want to hear about the alliance ANYMORE after his people were betrayed and led to near extinction by them and the same goes for Sylvie, the one character who’s ideologies have been crystal clear ever since the birth of the game, a fact people tend to forget since she’s barely had the spotlight in the game so far, but little do they know that everything she’s doing right now makes perfect sense considering her character.

All in all, I see nothing new in this conflict, and really think people should stop all that cr@p about morally grey, honour and whatnot. And if I’m being perfectly honest I like the course the story surrounding Sylvie is taking, and all the intrigue that is being built up around her naming as warchief. Still, I do start to think that redemption is becoming all the more unlikely as we evolve through the story.


Honestly i struggled with this kind of thing ever since Cataclysm/MoP. The grunts at the beggining of Cata are laughing and thrilled at the thought of invading and destroying Stormwind and all in it.
In Pandaria my character goes around lying to pandaren volunteers so they leave in order to raze the whole encampment. It never made me feel very good.

In BfA i do feel like a step was crossed where not only is there killing as there is defiling. I honestly can’t stand Sylvanas and the sooner she goes, the better.

(Someoneelse) #51

So more people dont call out the Horde like the OP.

Horde mana bombed a city…

But alliance killed a few orcs in Pandaria

“Morally grey.”

(Punyelf) #52

I don’t feel I’m the bad guy at all. But some clearly do.

(Someoneelse) #53

Monster !!!

(Riversong) #54

When you play through Brill/Silverpine quest line.
the “meh” Nature Sylvanas lost everything makes the entire faction conflict a joke.

time after time she keeps talking about securing a home for the forsaken
and its all gone, reason for saying all this if we are going to be the bad guys at least make it worthwhile. Everything so far just feels like a forced story which will only make sense when the Old gods take advantage both sides being in a weakened state.


This is nonsense. Go to them wuss alliance “good guys”. Sylvanas has a plan! She doesn’t do anything for no reason.


‘Ello mon!
You be killin’ billions od sentient species for 14 years as a character in any of the factions and ya started to feel bad about dat now?

(Cyndane) #57

What did you think was going to happen with a faction that has genocidal orcs and walking corpses in it?
Of course they’re going to pull off evil sh*t.
Seriously, what’s wrong with all those Horde players who are surprised of this?

(Liära) #58

I would like to see for a change some villain in the game coming from the alliance lines. We didn’t had any proper one since Warcraft RTS and the Arthas.

Its boring like this when horde in the game almost always needs to be the one which is evil ( first Garrosh and now Sylvanas ), and the alliance goody two shoes without any political intrigues among its lines and backstabbing.

(Falarielle) #59

Just stop playing your horde characters. For the Alliance, bruh.
P. S. If you play Horde, your are playing for a faction that is prone to being the villain. Strenght and honor. Blood and thunder. Victory or death.
If your views align with the Alliance, then play Alliance.

(Stalkerkgs) #60

I really feel like this is a missed oppotunity to create a stort that actually was morally grey. Where the players had to really think about if their choices where wrong or justifiable.

But the way the story is told, there can be no doubt. What Sylvanas does is evil. When you have to choose between her and Saurfang, you choose between good or evil, honor or death. And thats not nearly as interesting a choice than the choice between two morally grey sides.