I am so tired of being one of the bad guys

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My horde char has just been marked as traitor for having chosen Sarufang.
I’m not the bad guy. I feel sorry for Sylvanas and her story and I have supported her during my early days in WoW where I was pure Horde. (the design of first Sylvanas was really awful btw)
But now this madness needs to end. Burning Teldrassil and civils, children, women, is an act of war and needs to be punished.
Killing Horde with gas is barbaric.
I get she wanted to kill Alliance, but she killed Horde too and we as hero were lucky that the story brought us away from the massacre.
I repeat I choose Sarufang because I wanted to be remembered as traitor yes, but a good guy… A true Paladin!!! (even though I’m a monk :stuck_out_tongue: ) Light over Darkness. Anar’alah belore


Go back to D.E.H.T.A hippy!


oh come on, you removed a lot of elves from the world … that’s great news for everybody. The alliance is led by someone without any forestry ‘down there’ and some sort of putrid woman who just wont die no matter how many times the alliance players have asked for her head.
Horde rock, and this is from an alliance main.


Yeaaaah… strenght and honor indeed… Not killing children and civilians and gassing your own people. Worst thing is if they ever manage to turn Sylvanas actions the way she always had some sort of honorable reason to do what she did, it still leaves the PC in situation where it has been doing these warcrimes and NOT knowing any honorable purpose for it.

I know i am posting on nelf but been having horde main ever since vanilla and i am not happy how horde has turned from agressive, proud and honorable warriors to this children killing body defiling scum. I mean forsaken been always bit like that but other races on horde been looking down on it this far. It also makes the horde look extremely weak, not being able to win without lowering themselves on such levels.

This is just my way to look at things and i do not want to offend anyone who sees the story in different light or just plain right enjoys the direction where horde has been going. Just wanted to post my point of view to tell OP he is not alone on this.:smiley:

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Nathanos is Joffrey tier, you hate him but at the same time he’s one of the best characters

Sylvanas in my eyes hasnt broken role with any of BFA but that’s me personally


Normally, I am a lazy person and never write to these type platforms often. But your argument really triggerred me to answer.

Firstly all of your statements are retarded.
This is a MMORPG. So roleplay game. In these kinda games every action once you have done defines your character’s nature. Summarizing entry faction to one race is not fair in MMO platform. You meant that Horde slogans like “Blood and thunder”, “Victory or death” refers to be a savage, evil, chaotic. Which is completely wrong. It is a cultural thing firstly. I assume you are an northern-european who lives in peace and safe. But when you come a bit southern. You will see people who sees fighting for their country and dying for is the most crucial thing it their lives. So will you define them as evil creatures? Not so far.

Otherwise, as before I said. If Blizzard had already stated that this game has two sides, one of them pure evil want to destroy everything, counter side will restore others actions. Gladly will accept it. (Like Sith vs Jedi thing.)
But even many races of horde had already stated that they are seen by Alliance as outcasts,low life creatures. Because of this they found power in unity. And they will do everything for survive. So as you see nobody wants be an evil. Ann destroy nothing without a reason.

I talked much. I could not come to the point. Otherwise we have our characters, every person can have own point of view. Some of us want to be conquerors, some of us don’t…

In RPG games you should not push to story to be already written. Let everything develop by nature. Let players decide this with their actions. If Blizzard let Alliance to be have militarist leader like Garrosh. They could be different. But Blizz does not let them to be. They are supported by Blizz to be a heroes. And win always.

Yet Horde players become the watchers of the their heroism. We have no effect on story. Even If we would be evil. We could destroy them for good. But we both know Blizz won’t allow it.

So where is the point, they will push us to be evil also we will lose against Alliance forever.

So why are paying this game. I want to play an Orc,Troll,Tauren not Human cuz I am already human. I don’t want be part of hypocritical medieval western-european kingdom. Orc is more fitting my culture. So I am not evil person why I am supposed to evil thing for making Alliance players happy.

Sorry for my grammar, I did not check everything on it but you will get what I say eventually.

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To be honest the whole ‘morally grey’ thing is weird as it implies that there is such a thing as a wholly good or evil character/person/race and I’m not totally sure that exists. Usually lines are blurred

(Arctur) #68

Not all characters have nuances of grey, just think of Anduin, Archimonde, Gul’dan or N’zoth.

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Actually you’re right and I didnt look at it that way - though I don’t include Anduin in your line-up as he is thoroughly capable of having ‘grey’ thoughts - not sure about the others :slight_smile: But yes, I agree with you

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I mean, he doesn’t want to win the war in a matter of weeks because he is afraid of killing people… He is one of my favourite characters but he’s pretty much the embodiment of absolute Lawful Good.

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Sorry for triggering you. Unfortunately, just like you said yourself, WoW doesn’t have a player driven story. The player exists within the story. However i think Blizzard will listen to popular opinion when chosing the next warchief. I don’t believe i used the word evil but i did say they were prone to being the villain.
P. S. I’m not from northern europe.

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i think we’re not evil enough. I could do so much more to my enemies

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The best you can do is to play the war campaign and support Saurfang. The story is already written… sadly. The most of the Horde followed always their warchief without to think about their actions. You can even see this back in Cata. Ehat I really dislike is tge reason why Rexxar supports her: “Jaina killed too many”. Yeah, yeah that’s why you join a genocidal maniac. That makes absolutely sense!


Hopefully Alliance wont be as evil as horde, with the stupid story they got.

But I heard that Alliance got their “purge squads” with DRAENEIS torturing innocent foxes.

Even if its a game, I still have morales and would feel disgusted if my king, Anduin decided to become an edgy goth, kill his own army just to raise them as his “light undead” slaves, start murdering orc children and impale them at the walls and crap like that.

But I guess the void elf players of Alliance would KYAAAAAAAAAAAA like anime girls. Because there seem to mostly be blood elf players that supports Sylvanas and scream FOR THE HORDE, which is quite ironical because (according to a dev of Blizzard), they got added because a Community somewhere in the world couldnt stand playing “ugly horde races” and requested that a pretty race got added to the horde.

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We are basically at a place in this “war” where its really only about a couple of pscho hotheads with mental illness wailing on each other because of reason, while we stand on the sidelines in disbelief, scratching our heads.

There really is no War Horde vs. Alliance, there is only a war idiots VS. idiots. They should just join a Warsong-Gulch and battle it out.

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How so? The Alliance is literally kicking the Horde’s butt next patch.


Im literally on the edge on if this is real consern to you or satire. Its a GAME. Nobody is forcing you to do something against your own will. YOU choose to play this game, YOU choose to do those things. And if you dont feel right doing them, dont.

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Then play the game with Enrique Iglesias song; I can be your hero bby :couplekiss_man_woman:

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Well this is a forum to discuss the game. I think everyone is aware that they aren’t forced to play it…
Most of us here just enjoy playing it and have a emotional investment in the story. Is that wrong?

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Or the song from Shrek 2 :slight_smile: I need a hero… :stuck_out_tongue: