I am so tired of being one of the bad guys


If playing a game makes you ‘ashamed’ and ‘feel evil’, maybe, just maybe, dont play it

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How about you remember it is not real life and it is a video game so it does not matter who is good or bad. Just enjoy the game.

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I can’t speak on behalf of OP, but I asume that he doesn’t feel “evil” or “ashamed” in real life, but rather on behalf of his character.

WoW is a roleplaying game, and I believe that you should feel like you can identify with your characters and their choices. If they act completly adverse to your expectations, it will feel wrong.

If you ever have played pen & paper DnD, you most likely know what I mean.

I supose WoW is a game that can be played in many ways, and if you don’t care much for roleplay or the choices that you character makes, thats just fine. But you should respect that other players might feel differently.


If ‘roleplaying’ raises such feelings, as listed above, youre taking it too seriously.

And when it comes to ‘respect’, how about think twice before you post something like this on this forum.


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Ill just repeat myself: “I can’t speak on behalf of OP, but I asume that he doesn’t feel “evil” or “ashamed” in real life, but rather on behalf of his character.”

And you don’t respect other players if they post on General instead of lore? Well, guess we just disagree on how respect works…

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So the alliance wasn’t evil for taking Pandaren as slaves when they discovered Pandaria? and you as a horde have to go save them.

They think of themselves as better and refuse to also see the Horde struggle ( aside from Anduin ).

Tauren were saved by the orcs, therefor they are on the Horde side despite fitting the Alliance side more, why did Allies not save them, they are close to the nelfs after all? Guess, tauren look to much like monsters for the “noble” alliance.

And the biggest event really for the Horde, they got Draenor killed off cause of Gul’dan and had to find another home, which became Azeroth, there was conflict already within the Horde how to approach this new world, some were evil, some were good, but the alliance still wanted to kill them all off rather then helping, their whole planet just died come on.

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Personally I feel as if the Alliance needs to have a major “enough is enough” moment.

I was HOPING that it would be the case after Teldrassil when Tyrande and Greymane take off to reclaim Darkshore.

Yet one of the biggest military minds of the Night Elves - Shandris Feathermoon - is still dicking about in Zandalar with Keegan, Kelsey and the gang.

The Alliance brought in some really heavy hitters at the end of Legion. If only Anduin stopped making us fight with one hand tied behind our backs we could really smash the Horde into submission.


The whole thing wouldn’t feel so out of place if there was more than just Alliance and Horde.
You don’t see for example dwarves with their steam tanks rolling around destroying anything in sight that looks like an enemy.
And especially on Horde side nearly noone seems to have a problem with Sylvanas’ actions.
It just feels strange that both factions have so many different races and still most of the time they follow their leaders without any objection. As if they were all just different looking humans/forsaken.

Atleast Tyrande had a moment where you saw that she can make a desicion on her own without Anduin’s permission.

(Kayleen) #91

yeah greatest military mind of the alliance with thousands of years of experience.
“shandris what is the plan?”
“we’ll stick them with arrows, lots of them”
“mmmh, ok i guess…”
shanrdis licks her lips looking at the horizon,
“wtf are you doing?”


You can’t really expect rationalism when it come to the question, why the Horde is still around when the Horde technically made up from:
Orcs - 3 ship full of escaped refugees (one ship was lost on the way to Kalimdor, but Im not sure)
Darkspear Trolls - refugees from a little island, the Orcs was so low on numbers, they have enough space for them
Blood Elves - survivors of the Scourge massacre where 90% of the High Elves died, and they further split their numbers to become High Elves and Blood Elves (then even further, when the Kael’s team followed him in to the Legion, the other ran to the Draenei for help) [why they joined the team with the Greenskinned invaders that attacked Azeroth, including them, the ancient Troll enemies and the Forsaken 2.0 is beyond me…]
Forsaken - a band of corpses that managed to brake free from the Lich King controll + some additional risen-totally-not-against-their-wills recruits…
Tauren - okay, they are numerous, tho they were nomads, I think they outnumbered all the orcs and Trolls together when they met…
Goblins - like rats, or cockroaches they are everywhere, but only a fraction of them are “loyal” to the Horde… till a better offer. (I think the allience could buy them out easly…(
Pandaren - individuals, represetntatives in small number

The real power in the Horde:
Nightborne - enough to fill the ancient city of Suramar
Zandalari Troll - They have a nice little island-Empire
Tauren - They have decent dumber and military
None of the three above really need the “Horde” or the faction war that comes with the membership to be honest

Realistically speaking, sticking the “Horde” with arrows, lot of them… is actually a sound plan, considering except the fact, they are the Other Faction, nothing really justify the Horde existence and/or high number and a Kaldorei archer squad could put an end of the problem, once and for all…

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Can we stop with this bs argument and get some real ones? Thank you.

(Pinkylarue) #94

I’m pretty sure that Alliance couldnt afford to buy the Goblins andwe for sure dont want to share bugger all with the Gnomes.
I’ll stay with the spikey, mud-hut Horde thank you very much :wink:

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Your current Warchief has used chemical weapons several times. Do you not remember how you actively helped the Undead develop the Blight in WotLK? I mean, you actually collected and tested this weapon of mass destruction. A weapon that has been used several times afterwards. And now, when it escalates, you claim that you didn’t want this?

Not only that, but you have also participated in several wrong doings, including the support of Garrosh (up to a point), torturing victims in several quests, helping with the ethnic cleansing and forcing the exodus of the Gilneans and - last but not least - burning the World Tree!

Notice how I don’t even mention the lesser evils, like the destruction of South Shore, the burning and deforesting of Astranaar, all the &#!@ the Goblins have done repeatedly to Nature herself, the clan wars among the Tauren - the list just goes on and on.

The Horde has been evil all along. Thrall tried to contain it, to control it to some extend - but Horde is evil through and through.

(Pinkylarue) #96

Yes really. Don’t think that Alliance are whiter than white because you’ll be very disappointed


I love the Horde, I really do.
But the writing for it in the game (and in the books since MoP onwards) definitely does not feel like the same Horde that I love from the books and all the other additional media.
It honestly feels like the laziest writing imaginable when the Horde are made the villains in one situation or another over and over and over.
The Alliance writing isn’t any better, it’s just boring. Now with the Tyrande forcing Elune’s Night Warrior form, it’s a bit better, but they’re always the golden, bright shining side. Even when Greymane unprovoked attacked Sylvanas at Stormheim, directly defying the orders of his king, nothing came of that.
The story does not feel like it develops organically, and it’s made even worse because in some questlines (like the Runas questline in Aszuna), it feels real and well written.
Then you get Sylvanas burning the world tree and deus ex jaina, and it just feels so disjointed but we have to accept it.

(Sithral) #98

Indeed! Blight here, blight there…blight everywhere! And yet, after all the encounters the Alliance had with blight, all they have lost to the blight…you still haven’t tried to, at the least, develop gas masks?


You do have a choice, stand with saurfang. Not all is evil only Sylvanas is. If you deside too follow Saurfang you might feel better. My orc never liked Windrunner. And so when the time is there. He will stand with Saurfang.

(Lizq) #100

Dont bother, they will focus on what is easy to understand for them, and that is chemical weapons that work well are the only indicator of evil.
Like this world doesnt have people running around burning eachother alive or military dictatorships that cheat their working class so hard their entire generation resorts to eating dirtpies to stay alive.

This is their power fantasy where they are the only ones allowed to commit heinous acts without qonsecuences because their headcannon scale tipped towards the other side by a hairstrand.

Like the whole of Azeroth isnt absolutely insane and in need of therapy.

If i was the titans id be VERRY afraid and preparing a killswitch asap.


Like the Forge of Origination? It serves a dual purpose: to regulate the rhythms of the earth and fortify the world-soul’s form, but if the planet became corrupted, the Forge would eradicate all life in the world, allowing it to start anew…

(Miraine) #102

I do not feel evil as horde. I do feel alliance are being social justice warriors though.