I ate a sandwich today (story)


So I was playing a bit of WoW, and suddenly, out of nowhere! Hunger struck! I checked in my fridge to come face to face with a half empty packet of ham and quarter of a block of cheese and a bit of brown bread in my cupboard. I decided to make a sandwich I grabbed two pieces of bread, spread mayonnaise on the bread put ham and cheese on the bread and tucked in! Anyway that’s my story

(Cedrad) #2

The best story I ever read.

(Fluxache) #3

I’m calling BS on this story. Screenshot or it never happened!

(Keyur) #4

I like it and also good guild name.


Never heard such a thrilling story before. Love IT.


No greens ? True sandwiches are with salad ! I call BS on this story !

(Dottie) #7

I was into it 100% until that came up. Mayo is the devils sp**m. Who knew you couldn’t use that word.


Your story is about food. This is always a great story i r8 it 10/8


we need a sequel…NOW…you owe it to us…and it needs to involve coffee and chocolate cake…

ps…if you could get Chris Evans to play you that would be great…the nice one…not the horrible ginger one…eech…:slight_smile:

(Zestyzanzil) #10

Hmm, I must say, I’ve found this story to be somewhat lacking. The story’s beginning is very short, and the conclusion makes up almost half of the story itself. Such a narrative imbalance not only throws off the pacing, but naturally with such a long conclusion and short build-up, you’re turning away many readers by not investing them in your story first. How could you enjoy a conclusion to something with such a short, concise build-up?

That said, the story does contain a good selection of themes and other elements. If you were a chef, it would contain all the necessary ingredients, but these ingredients could probably have been better utilised.


This is absolutely ridiculous and I won’t stand for it.

Brown bread over whole grain? You monster.


*checks Rotten Tomatoes…

yep…the audience score is way higher than the critics consensus…:smiley:


clears his throat
Story forum is that way —>


Now I know this is crazy… But hear me out! two words: Kevin Spacey.

(Punyelf) #15

What kind of food buff did you get from that?


Its all I had, I shall send feedback to the bread winner of the house


Is OP trolling? I can’t see how this is relevant to the game…

(Looksmaxxed) #18

Soooo, you haven’t heard of that story about some Asian who played wow for days with no food and then collapsed dead from exhaustion?
At least I think that’s how the story went. :thinking:


Can’t wait for the sequel!


Update is up now