I bet blizzard runs boost sites

The boost sites are out there in plain sight

They generate so so so much cash as the grind aspects of the game have so conveniently skyrocketed in line with the services the boost sites can provide

Blizzard does not stop paid boosting or develop any single in-game mechanic to disadvantage paid boosting or takes any effort in making the game in any way shape or form less conducive to paid boosting. Rather the LITERAL opposite.

I bet blizzard reached their grubby hands into the boost services’ pockets and agreed on a cut. In exchange for not suing them. And now that they are in honeymoon together, blizzard just creates a game that so surprisingly complements boost sites to an insane degree “QUEUE UP ASTONISHMENT FACE”

Dirty dirty dirty world we live in.


Have you read the changes coming in 9.1.5?

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We actually have anti-boosting changes in the current PTR, how about you put down these torches & pitchforks ?


Ye I read a few notes
Will I finally be able to play a single one of my alts?
Or would it require me to buy a boost to have the character playable?


Try reading it all, if it is too difficult, read it one change at a time, but with a 10 minute break so you can digest what you read before going to the next change.

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Make up your own mind, but there are very good changes imo in this list


Remove in game currency
Remove absurd grind requirements for non-cosmetic aspects of game
Ban boosters

Anything besides that is literally a giant nothing burger from blizzard


Dont think there are any direct prof for connection between blizz and the boosters (be it real money or gold boosters), but buyers def buy wow tokens to get boosted, and thats just ez money for blizz. So one can be suspicious…

You can already play the game entirely without having to rely on boosts. On both mains and alts.


They most likely can’t, those websites are hosted in countries like Malta and such, making them basically untouchable and even if they managed to do something about one, two would pop instantly to replace it.

Wait a second. Do you want to remove gold? :thinking:

Don’t forget your tinfoil hat.


I made a druid and within 70 hours of playtime at level 60 have it geared to almost 250 ilvl. Made my own groups the entire time too

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Its same like some private servers, maybe they do not run them, ( or even do ) but definitely they support them. At this point we must be blind to not see it. In Game advertising openly for years boosting with links to boosting websites + bots feeling like fishes in water, no risk. Bots get enough time to make profit and keep going, game systems are created to push players to buy boosts.
Skill capped even selling paid services, tournament players, wow faces?

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Bah. Thats child’s play. Blizz is in league with the lizardmen. Their plan is to take control of the world!

Oh and there is a discount on tin foil hats. Can’t have that evil Blizzard reading our mind now? :tophat:


open your eyes. white knight

Boosts is the best thing to ever happen to WoW tho.

It makes high gear available for every one.

Not just the entitled elite.


Were you being ironically stupid here or stupid stupid?