I bet blizzard runs boost sites

Stop smoking whatever you are at the moment. Blind hater.

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its hard to follow basic logic innit? What has been done about boting and boosting? ok let’s discuss it without insults.

Sadly game turns into game-service with boosting all around. In Legion trade chat was full of guild invites, even me recieved mail with invites to guild with myth raid progress, when i was pugging heroic raids. Nowdays it boosting 24/7.
Also i think its more than words.


1 FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.80M
2 Old School RuneScape 2.12M
3 World of Warcraft 1.11M
4 Destiny 2 1.03M
5 World of Warcraft Classic 730.49K

You can’t open calling someone a white knight and then ask for the insults to stop.

What’s stupid about wanting to have close-to best gear available for every one without little to no effort involved in the acquiring of it?

The less Challenge, skill and commitment something takes the better.

read his/ her first post. before you jump in with your wisdom

Pretty much this.

It’s ALL about the Token. Nothing else really matters. As long as the Token is in the game, everything else is just a cosmetic rearranging of the chairs.

I have no confidence that authenticators have any connection to anything, but apparently someone in Blizzard has a target to increase authenticators, and is using this as an issue top help them towards their annual bonus.

I don’t think you should assume that website to be facts.

It can be very inaccurate

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Yes its not accurate, only blizzard knows how much players play the game, but this is accurate.


Sure. And since Blizz cant ban every boter they see. Then they are automatically in league with them right? What else? if the police can’t catch absolutely every burglar means that they are in league with them as well?

As for your boosting crusade. The fact you dislike them, doesn’'t mean its illegal. Boosting for gold is legal whenever you like it or not.
I don’t use boosts myself and I get/accomplish my aims in this video game in “the old traditional way” and I dont give 2 flying censored what John next door does with his gold. Perhaps start worrying about yourself not about some random guy on the internet. Its more healthier that way…

Conspiratards talking about basic logic, hilarious.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed.

But WoW is a very bad game, it only got popular because every thing else at the time was worse and after it got big, nothing else could really compete with it, even if WoW was pretty bad compared to it’s competition.

But The competition just could not reach the people due to the massive reach and popularity WoW had, a lot of people also have deep attachments to WoW and could not just walk away from years of progression.

It’s Nice that People finally realise the fact that WoW is not the only game out there and that there is in fact… other MMORPGs “Gasp” who would’ve thought.

Yes there is nothing to do in WoW if you are not booster nowdays. If WoW ur main job, ofc.

These days theres more to do than a decade ago. By your logic wow had never anything to do.

Why people leave then? I know a lot of who already quit.

It’s hilarious to read all the utter nonsense you paranoid people come up with these days.

Because todays playerbase is not the same as the 2005 playerbase.

Nowdays most people do not want to spend THAT much time on menial, time consuming tasks.

and rather have the games as Dungeon/raid/PvP simulators like the FPS or MOBAs, just plug & play.

So when blizzard comes up with all the time consuming and pointless grinds, people get fed up and leave.

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I think the same, atm motivated only people for whom game is a job - streamers, pro players, boosters. Others just tired - they want the game, but not another work simulation.

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Because “entitled elite” are exactly the people that will buy boosts, duh.

Noone who is “Elite” would need to buy boost.

As they are already doing Mythic raids or High rating PvP