I can imagine the keystone system being even worse than it is

Imagine - you need all dungeons to complete master/hero but one dungeon appears on the keystone RAREly - that would make the keystone obtain even more exciting than it is!

Imagine - you need all dungeons to complete master/hero but on ALL possible affixes. And you have separate RIO per dungeon / affix set


I doubt they would put em on keystone unless their accessible for the full season.


While their doing this id love a Deadmines m+ and a wailing caverns m+

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I’m now in 2nd hour of applying to groups, apparently my 21+ in legion in karazhan means 0 xp xD

Yep,Legion was 2 expansions ago.

I had a score of 2500 last season on my healer,i am yet to get invited for any 15.Not even for Gambit or Streets.

On my mage,its whole different story.

I am getting replies : What spec?

When i reply frost,im getting responds like : No sorry or they simply decline

I mean, welcome to the world of every other dps. Theres hundreds queueing up, we don’t care about your past glories. Hell, I did gambit on 23’s on fort and tyrannical last season and now its hard to get into a 15.

Make friends remains the best advice. Took a 240 holy pala through a +15 yesterday, things like that don’t happen in pug world.

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